Vodafone and Meta collaborate on European network optimisation

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Vodafone and Meta have joined forces to tackle network congestion and improve mobile user experience across Europe. The collaboration, which began in June, has already been implemented in eleven European markets.

The initiative aims to free up network capacity for all mobile customers, with a particular focus on enhancing the viewing experience of high-quality short videos. This development comes at a time when video content consumption on mobile devices continues to surge, placing increasing demands on network infrastructure.

A pilot test conducted in the UK in April 2024 yielded promising results. Over a three-week period, the companies observed a significant reduction in network traffic for Meta applications across Vodafone’s mobile network. This optimisation allowed Vodafone to reallocate network resources at some of its busiest 4G/5G sites, benefiting all mobile customers in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres and transport hubs.

Alberto Ripepi, Chief Network Officer at Vodafone, said: “Meta’s willingness to optimise the delivery of video for its applications leads the way for a more efficient use of existing network resources. Vodafone and Meta have implemented these optimisations across Vodafone’s European markets and intend to continue collaborating to foster additional efficiencies.”

The partnership extends beyond just these two tech giants. Both Vodafone and Meta have expressed openness to working with other players in the ecosystem to further improve the efficient use of network resources. This collaborative approach aims to support the growth of new digital services, keep critical applications free of congestion, and contribute to energy savings.

Meta, for its part, is doubling down on its commitment to optimisation and efficiency.

Gaya Nagarajan, VP of Network Engineering at Meta, commented: “Our relationship with Vodafone is a long-term partnership, and collaboration on video optimisation is an opportunity to drive innovation and shape the future of the internet.

“We are committed to continuing our collaboration with innovative partners like Vodafone, device manufacturers, equipment vendors and the wider digital ecosystem, to push the boundaries of video optimisation.”

This partnership between Vodafone and Meta will help to address the growing demands on mobile networks. As video content continues to dominate internet traffic, such collaborations may become increasingly crucial in ensuring smooth, high-quality user experiences while managing network resources efficiently.

The success of this initiative could potentially pave the way for similar partnerships across the tech and telecom industries, fostering a more collaborative approach to tackling shared challenges in the digital age.

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