Nokia’s DAC PW Compact brings private 5G to small industrial sites

Nokia has unveiled DAC PW Compact, a private 5G solution tailored for small and mid-sized industrial sites.

In response to the growing demand for secure and reliable connectivity in the age of digital transformation, Nokia developed DAC PW Compact to bring robust security and pervasive connectivity to even the smallest enterprise sites—ensuring they can reap the benefits of digital innovation.

Stephan Litjens, VP of Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions at Nokia,...

Ericsson: 20% of 5G users willing to pay extra for enhanced connectivity

In a study conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, it has been revealed that one in five 5G smartphone users are seeking differentiated 5G service experiences and are willing to pay a premium for enhanced connectivity.

The research, titled 5G value: Turning performance into value, indicates that these users – especially those engaging in demanding applications – are willing to pay communications service providers (CSPs) up to 11 percent more for value-added...

Yamina Kelm, Deutsche Telekom: Enabling innovation at the edge

In an interview at Edge Computing Expo Europe, Yamina Kelm, Product Manager for Edge Computing at Deutsche Telekom, shed light on how edge computing is transforming the telecoms giant's approach to delivering faster and more reliable services to its customers.

Kelm explained that Deutsche Telekom's edge computing offering allows customers to leverage their edge data centres, effectively offloading processing power. This approach has given rise to a new ecosystem of use cases...

SK Telecom unveils ‘AI pyramid’ strategy and plans to triple AI investment

SK Telecom (SKT) has set a date of 2028 to become a global AI leader, with plans to triple the proportion of its AI-related investments and a revenue target of KRW 25 trillion (£15.1bn).

The operator currently devotes approximately 12% of its investment towards AI and related disciplines, based on 2019 to 2023 figures. Between 2024 and 2028, this number is expected to rise to 33%.

SK Telecom’s AI pyramid has three layers. The bottom layer is AI infrastructure, which...

NETSCOUT unveils surge in global DDoS attacks in 1H2023

netscout ddos attacks threat intelligence report security cyber cybersecurity

NETSCOUT has released its 1H2023 DDoS Threat Intelligence Report, shedding light on the escalating threat landscape.

Cybercriminals launched a staggering 7.9 million distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the first half of 2023, marking a concerning 31 percent year-over-year increase.

The surge in DDoS attacks has been propelled by a confluence of global events, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and NATO-related activities serving as key catalysts.


CityFibre awards contracts for its Project Gigabit rollouts

CityFibre has awarded its first round of contracts to build partners as part of Project Gigabit.

Project Gigabit is the government’s £5 billion programme to connect 715,000 rural properties, ensuring they have access to high-speed broadband services.

CityFibre has appointed the following as its build partners:

Granemore Group in Cambridgeshire OCU Group and CCN Communications in Hampshire OCU Group in Norfolk Telelink, OCU Group, and Granemore Group...

Ericsson teams up with Google Cloud again to expand Cloud RAN offering

Ericsson and Google Cloud have further expanded their partnership with the former offering its Cloud RAN (radio access network) solution on the latter’s distributed cloud – and an additional benefit for operations improving their AI and automation capabilities.

Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) enables the opportunity to extend Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge, while Google Distributed Cloud Edge (GDC Edge) is a fully managed offering which enables CSPs to...

AST SpaceMobile achieves space-to-smartphone 5G connection

AST SpaceMobile has successfully established the first-ever 5G connection for both voice and data between a standard smartphone and a satellite in space.

The achievement was demonstrated by AST SpaceMobile's engineers who orchestrated a call from the serene shores of Maui, Hawaii to a Vodafone engineer located in bustling Madrid, Spain.

What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that it was accomplished using an unmodified Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone, with the...

SK Telecom settles Netflix dispute with strategic partnership

SK Telecom and Netflix have ended their dispute over network usage fees, opting instead for a strategic partnership.

As part of the partnership, SK Telecom aims to enhance the convenience of accessing and paying for Netflix shows and movies on mobile devices and IPTV for their customers. They will provide a range of pricing options and product bundles for users; including services that incorporate Netflix's ad-supported pricing model.

Tony Zameczkowski, VP of APAC...

UK invests £88M in Open RAN initiatives transforming mobile connectivity

The UK Government has invested £88 million into 19 groundbreaking Open RAN initiatives under the Open Networks Ecosystem (ONE) competition.

Open RAN technology represents a paradigm shift in how mobile networks are built. Rather than relying solely on a single company's equipment, it allows various companies' technologies to be interoperable.

Nick Johnson, Head of UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN), said: 

“The Government’s funding to tackle...