Ofcom hits BT with £17.5M fine over emergency call system failure

Ofcom has imposed a £17.5 million fine on BT for its inadequate preparedness in handling a major disruption to its emergency call service last summer. The incident, which occurred on 25 June 2023, left nearly 14,000 emergency call attempts unsuccessful and potentially put lives at risk.

The failure, described as "catastrophic," affected BT's ability to connect calls to emergency services for over 10 hours, from 06:24 to 16:56. During this period, 12,392 different callers were...

Singtel and SK Telecom forge partnership to pioneer 6G development

Singtel and SK Telecom forge strategic partnership to pioneer 6G development

Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) and SK Telecom (SKT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) committing to a two-year collaboration focused on developing next-generation networks, with a particular emphasis on 6G technology.

This strategic partnership aims to significantly enhance network performance and security, elevate customer experience, and drive innovation across the telecommunications industry.

The head of ICT infrastructure at SK Telecom, as...

ITU-R appoints Samsung researcher to lead 6G coordination group

Samsung will spearhead the standardisation of 6G technologies in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) until 2029.

HyoungJin Choi, a researcher from Samsung Research, has been appointed as the chair of the Coordination Group on IMT-2030 (6G) at the recent ITU-R Working Party 5D (WP 5D) meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland. This appointment marks Choi's second leadership role in 6G standardisation efforts within the ITU-R,...

Apple issues spyware warnings to iPhone users across 98 countries

Apple issues new spyware warnings to iPhone users across 98 countries

So far, Apple has issued a new round of threat notifications to iPhone users in 98 countries, informing them that mercenary Pegasus spyware may be used on their phones.

This is the second such notification campaign from the tech giant this year, following a similar effort in April that reached users in 92 countries.

As per a support document on Apple's website, the company has been regularly issuing these notifications since 2021, and they have resonated with users in...

Mint Mobile now includes free Canada roaming

Mint Mobile has announced the inclusion of free roaming services for all its customers visiting the Great White North. This new feature – which includes unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high-speed data per month – is now available on all Mint Mobile plans.

The announcement comes as part of Mint Mobile's ongoing efforts to enhance customer experience following its acquisition by T-Mobile.

Mint Mobile’s latest benefit adds to the company's existing perks – such as...

Bridging the digital divide: How a coalition is tackling smartphone affordability

The digital divide, a chasm that has long separated billions from the opportunities of the internet age, may soon begin to narrow.

This week, the GSM Association (GSMA) announced the formation of the "Handset Affordability Coalition," a pioneering alliance of mobile operators, device manufacturers, international organisations, and financial institutions. This global initiative aims to revolutionise access to affordable smartphones worldwide for low- and middle-income populations,...

Germany prolongs banning Chinese 5G equipment

Germany has announced plans to ban critical components made by Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks, citing security concerns. The decision – revealed by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser on Thursday – will be implemented in two phases starting in 2026, with a longer timeline than initially expected.

Under the new agreement, critical components from Huawei and ZTE will be barred from 5G core networks by the end of 2026, a year later than previously envisaged....

The 5G journey in Malaysia: Progress and future prospects

The 5G journey for Malaysia: Progress and future prospects

Significant progress has been made on the ground in Malaysia, where populated areas reported coverage of 81.7%—an impressive figure considering that Korea and Singapore had barely reached those levels by September and October.

Malaysia achieved 80 per cent coverage in populated areas (CoPA) by late 2023, building on historic progress.

Deputy communications minister Teo Nie Ching recently informed the Dewan Rakyat that a total of 7,114 sites have been deployed across...

Vodafone and Meta collaborate on European network optimisation

Vodafone and Meta have joined forces to tackle network congestion and improve mobile user experience across Europe. The collaboration, which began in June, has already been implemented in eleven European markets.

The initiative aims to free up network capacity for all mobile customers, with a particular focus on enhancing the viewing experience of high-quality short videos. This development comes at a time when video content consumption on mobile devices continues to surge,...

5G and security: The dual telecoms challenges facing the new UK government

As the newly elected Labour government takes office in the UK after 14 years of Conservative rule, industry leaders are calling for urgent action on cybersecurity and digital infrastructure.

The recent high-profile cyberattacks on critical organisations like the NHS and MoD have exposed significant vulnerabilities in the UK's digital defences, prompting experts to demand a more robust approach to cybersecurity and accelerated 5G rollout.

Mark Coates, VP EMEA at Gigamon,...