Nozomi introduces AI cybersecurity engine to protect critical infrastructure

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IoT security solutions firm Nozomi has announced the launch of Vantage IQ, an AI-based analysis and response engine designed to address security gaps and resource limitations in critical operational infrastructure.

Vantage IQ is an add-on to Nozomi’s SaaS-based security management platform, Vantage, and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate time-consuming tasks related to network analysis, asset management, and alert prioritisation.

By enabling advanced human-machine collaboration, Vantage IQ empowers security teams to achieve faster and more accurate cybersecurity analysis, bolstering the resilience of critical infrastructure organisations while improving operational efficiency.

Vantage IQ sets a new standard for security analytics and automation by offering the following capabilities:

  1. Comprehensive Network Visibility: Users gain immediate visibility into their IT, OT, and IoT devices, enabling a holistic understanding of the network and its activities.
  2. Intelligent Insights: Vantage IQ’s Insights Dashboard automatically correlates and prioritises alerts, providing security teams with actionable intelligence and root cause information for efficient remediation.
  3. AI-Powered Query and Analysis: Through natural language queries, users can extract deeper insights about vulnerabilities, network assets, and other environmental details, facilitating comprehensive understanding and decision-making.
  4. Advanced Predictive Monitoring: Vantage IQ strengthens operational resiliency by providing early warnings of deviations from normal system behavior. The ‘Time Series’ feature augments Vantage’s existing alerting capabilities with the ability to detect unusual changes in network activity bandwidth, contributing to predictive monitoring and maintenance.

Nozomi Networks Co-founder and CPO, Andrea Carcano, emphasised the transformative role of artificial intelligence in critical infrastructure security. Carcano stated that Vantage IQ represents a significant advancement in how security professionals understand and respond to operational risk.

“While ChatGPT has sparked the world’s imagination around the potential of AI, it’s really just one example of the emerging use case for advancing neural network technologies,” explained Carcano.

“In the case of critical infrastructure security, Vantage IQ is a game changer, leveraging artificial intelligence to fundamentally change the way security professionals understand and respond to operational risk. We believe it’s the way cybersecurity data will be queried, analysed, and acted on going forward.”

By leveraging AI and ML capabilities, Vantage IQ aims to revolutionise security operations in critical infrastructure organisations, empowering security teams to enhance resilience, respond effectively to threats, and optimise operational efficiency.

Vantage IQ will be released in the third quarter through Nozomi Networks and its global network of channel partners.

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