AI-RAN Alliance aims to integrate AI into mobile networks

A new alliance announced during MWC could reshape the future of mobile networks and telecommunications by integrating AI into radio access networks (RAN).

The AI-RAN Alliance brings together tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Samsung, along with major telecom companies including Ericsson, Nokia, SoftBank, and T-Mobile.

The alliance's goals are using AI to enhance mobile network efficiency, reduce power consumption, retrofit existing infrastructure, and...

BT boosts developer productivity with Amazon’s generative AI coding assistant

BT Group's Digital unit has announced the deployment of Amazon CodeWhisperer, a generative AI coding assistant from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This marks a significant step in the company's drive for modernisation, efficiency, and improved tooling for its workforce.

CodeWhisperer provides real-time AI-powered code suggestions, from snippets to full functions, in multiple integrated development environments (IDEs). It leverages natural language comments and existing code to support...

Unified Communications 2024: Exploring the future of workplace collaboration

As organisations adapt to an increasingly hybrid workforce, the need for seamless connectivity and collaboration has never been greater.

A two-day event on Unified Communications will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on 5-6 June 2024 that brings together thought leaders and technology experts to discuss the innovations shaping the future of workplace communication.

Day 1

Kicking off the event, the opening panel will delve into ‘The Future of Workplace...

SK Telecom and Intel develop low-latency 6G Core tech

SK Telecom (SKT) has collaborated with Intel to successfully develop technology that can significantly reduce communication delays in 6G Core networks.

The Core network acts as the gateway for all voice and data traffic from a user's mobile device to access the internet. As networks become more complex with 5G and 6G, communication delays within the Core network have increased, making it difficult to provide the speed and reliability needed for advanced services like...

Databricks unveils AI-powered intelligence platform for telcos

Data and AI company Databricks has launched a new unified data and AI platform tailored specifically for telcos.

The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications offers communication service providers (CSPs) a comprehensive foundation for their data and AI requirements. It enables them to obtain a holistic view of their networks, operations, and customer interactions without compromising data privacy or confidential intellectual property.

Built on an open lakehouse...

AI to curtail revenue leakage in 5G roaming connections

According to Juniper Research, AI solutions will curtail “revenue leakage” in 5G roaming connections.

The research suggests that average revenue leakage per 5G roaming connection will decrease from $1.72 to $1.20. This significant reduction is attributed to the strategic implementation of AI-based segmentation by telecom operators, marking a pivotal advancement in monetising data-centric users.

Revenue leakage pertains to the value of services provided but not...

Nokia backs Ultra Ethernet Consortium to meet AI and HPC demands

Nokia has announced its backing of the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC), a group formed to develop new Ethernet specifications and software to meet the demands of AI and high-performance computing (HPC).

The consortium consists of companies seeking to establish industry-wide cooperation around upgrading Ethernet protocol to meet the rapidly evolving networking requirements of AI systems.

As a leader in building highly scalable, low-latency networks for data centres, Nokia...

Nokia Bell Labs breakthrough reconfigures networks with human speech

In a step towards autonomous network management, Nokia Bell Labs has revealed a pioneering research breakthrough called Natural-Language Networks.

Nokia Bell Labs’ latest innovation empowers networks to be operated through simple speech or text prompts, marking the latest collision of AI and telecoms.

Natural-Language Networks bring forth a new era of simplicity and responsiveness in network management. By harnessing the power of AI, these networks comprehend users'...

FCC to investigate AI’s impact on nuisance calls and texts

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel unveiled plans today to launch a comprehensive inquiry into the impact of AI on the proliferation of illegal and unwanted robocalls and texts.

Speaking at an event in collaboration with AARP, Rosenworcel announced her intention to present a proposed inquiry to her colleagues.

If approved at the Commission’s public open meeting on November 15, 2023, the inquiry would mark a pivotal moment in...

Yamina Kelm, Deutsche Telekom: Enabling innovation at the edge

In an interview at Edge Computing Expo Europe, Yamina Kelm, Product Manager for Edge Computing at Deutsche Telekom, shed light on how edge computing is transforming the telecoms giant's approach to delivering faster and more reliable services to its customers.

Kelm explained that Deutsche Telekom's edge computing offering allows customers to leverage their edge data centres, effectively offloading processing power. This approach has given rise to a new ecosystem of use cases...