Nokia unveils world’s first immersive voice and audio call technology

Nokia unveils world's first immersive voice and audio call technology

Even as these little pocket computers have made the leap from mobile devices to indispensable digital hubs, smartphone communications have languished in the audio doldrums. It's a bold claim, but Nokia reckons that it's managed to achieve the "world's first immersive voice and audio call," powered by a new codec.

The demonstration marked an industry first when Nokia enabled a live immersive audio and video call over a commercial 5G network in Finland between Pekka Lundmark,...

Nokia and Vodafone test latency-busting technology

A new internet standard called L4S (Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable throughput) has been successfully tested by Vodafone and Nokia Bell Labs.

In tests simulating a heavily congested fibre-to-the-home broadband connection over Wi-Fi, the companies reduced latency from 550 milliseconds to just 12 milliseconds. With an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, the latency dropped even further to only 1.05 milliseconds.

Latency over 100ms can cause noticeable lags during...

T-Mobile sets 5G uplink speed record in the US

T-Mobile has achieved a new 5G milestone, recording the fastest ever uplink speed on a 5G standalone network in North America.

In a recent test, T-Mobile hit a blazing fast upload speed of 345 Mbps using sub-6 GHz spectrum. This shatters the company's previous record of 275 Mbps.  

The breakneck speed was made possible thanks to a new technology called UL Tx switching, which enables seamless switching between different frequencies to boost capacity and speed....

Nokia and Dell extend partnership for network cloud transformation

Nokia and Dell Technologies have announced the extension of the companies’ strategic partnership in order to ‘advance open network architectures in the telecom ecosystem and private 5G use cases among businesses’.

This amounts in effect to utilising each company’s area of expertise; infrastructure solutions from Dell and private wireless connectivity solutions from Nokia.

Nokia will use Dell as its preferred infrastructure partner for existing customers of Nokia...

Nokia backs Ultra Ethernet Consortium to meet AI and HPC demands

Nokia has announced its backing of the Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC), a group formed to develop new Ethernet specifications and software to meet the demands of AI and high-performance computing (HPC).

The consortium consists of companies seeking to establish industry-wide cooperation around upgrading Ethernet protocol to meet the rapidly evolving networking requirements of AI systems.

As a leader in building highly scalable, low-latency networks for data centres, Nokia...

Nokia and Hololight enhance XR experiences using L4S

Nokia has joined forces with Hololight to explore how the capabilities of the L4S protocol can enhance XR (extended reality) experiences.

L4S – which stands for low-latency, low-loss, scalable throughput – was developed by Nokia and has the potential to revolutionise real-time applications by simultaneously achieving high throughput and low latency in a scalable manner.

Hololight believes L4S can significantly enhance the performance of cloud-rendered XR services,...

Nokia Bell Labs breakthrough reconfigures networks with human speech

In a step towards autonomous network management, Nokia Bell Labs has revealed a pioneering research breakthrough called Natural-Language Networks.

Nokia Bell Labs’ latest innovation empowers networks to be operated through simple speech or text prompts, marking the latest collision of AI and telecoms.

Natural-Language Networks bring forth a new era of simplicity and responsiveness in network management. By harnessing the power of AI, these networks comprehend users'...

Nokia introduces ‘carrier-grade’ Wi-Fi 7 portfolio

Nokia has introduced its “carrier-grade” portfolio of Wi-Fi 7 devices that are designed to enhance end-users' broadband experience.

The new portfolio encompasses a wide array of devices, catering to both low- and high-end users. It includes dual-band, tri-band, and quad-band configurations, addressing diverse regulatory constraints and market demands.

Nokia's Wi-Fi 7 offerings stand out due to their unique capabilities, with the Beacon 24 leading the pack. This...

Nokia’s DAC PW Compact brings private 5G to small industrial sites

Nokia has unveiled DAC PW Compact, a private 5G solution tailored for small and mid-sized industrial sites.

In response to the growing demand for secure and reliable connectivity in the age of digital transformation, Nokia developed DAC PW Compact to bring robust security and pervasive connectivity to even the smallest enterprise sites—ensuring they can reap the benefits of digital innovation.

Stephan Litjens, VP of Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions at Nokia,...

Nokia sets extended range mmWave 5G speed record

Nokia has set a new record for mmWave 5G speed over an extended distance.

The vendor sustained average downlink speeds exceeding 2 Gbps using millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum and 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) over a distance of 10.86 kilometres. The achievement – which took place at the OuluZone test facility in Oulu, Finland – marks the fastest recorded download speed to date.

To accomplish this feat, Nokia utilised its 5G extended range mmWave solution along with...