Whitepaper: How 5G Will Impact Physical Networks and What You Should Do To Protect Equipment

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Fifth generation (5G) digital cellular networks have arrived. Carriers are beginning to deploy the first phases of 5G to provide
enhanced download speeds, and a strong buildout is expected going forward.

5G will initially bring slightly faster speeds than 4G LTE but will eventually bring up to 20 times the speeds of current 4G for certain
applications. That will rival current landline speeds. However, 5G is not just a speed upgrade. It is a fundamental change in
network architecture, a shift to more software-defined networking, and designed not just for fast downstream data, but for much
faster and higher capacity upstream data as well.

It is also important to understand that 5G is not a carrier-only upgrade. 5G will impact all physical networks, including
enterprise-owned premise networks. If you are responsible for ensuring availability and speed of the network to business
users, it is important to be aware of what 5G enables and how it may impact your network.

This white paper, by Chatsworth Products (CPI), summarizes the impact of 5G on the physical network, and highlights
advancements in equipment storage and remote monitoring that will help to protect your network as you prepare to upgrade

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