Global firms join SONIC Labs initiative for Open RAN testing

Digital Catapult has announced that its SONIC Labs initiative, focused on developing Open RAN technology, is launching a new phase with the introduction of several international companies into its program. These companies will utilise the newly established outdoor testing facility in West London, exploring the practical applications and benefits of Open RAN in a real-world setting.

Open RAN technology seeks to revolutionise the telecoms industry by promoting interoperability among...

How cloud-based mobile testing is accelerating digital transformation for enterprises

7.26 billion mobile phone users by 2023! That’s what recent Statista research says. Additionally, it is anticipated that by 2023, mobile app downloads will soar to 258 billion.

The widespread use of mobile apps in this digital era has fundamentally changed how enterprises function and given rise to many new opportunities.

Given these staggering numbers, enterprises need to put mobile testing at the centre of their digital transformation journey. Alas, a lot of...