US 5G performance surges as carriers deploy mid-band spectrum

The US is experiencing a significant boost in 5G performance as major carriers deploy newly acquired mid-band spectrum. Recent data from Ookla's Speedtest Intelligence reveals substantial improvements in download speeds and network quality across the country.

T-Mobile has maintained its leadership position, leveraging additional 2.5 GHz spectrum acquired in Auction 108. The carrier's median 5G download speed increased by an impressive 29.64 Mbps in just one month, reaching 287.14...

Berlin is Europe’s 5G performance leader

A new report finds that Berlin has the best overall 5G mobile network performance across 10 European capitals. 

The comprehensive benchmark, conducted by network testing firm MedUX, analysed the quality and speed of 5G services in major cities across Europe.

For the report, researchers drove over 4,000 kilometres across 10 countries during 2023 to conduct network tests to grade "Quality of Experience" for average consumers.

Berlin edged out second-place...

RootMetrics: Three overtakes EE for best UK 5G network 

RootMetrics has unveiled its latest UK mobile report based on over 600,000 tests conducted in the second half of 2023.

The results cover the entire spectrum of user experiences, spanning the UK, individual nations, and 16 prominent metropolitan markets. Here's a breakdown of how the key players—EE, Three, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone—performed during this extensive testing period.

EE maintains overall dominance

For the 21st consecutive time, EE clinched the...

D-Link M15 AX1500 Mesh System: Great price, budget performance

There are better performing mesh systems than D-Link’s M15 AX1500, but its attractive price makes it worth considering.

D-Link announced the mesh system towards the end of last year as part of its Eagle Pro AI series. As of writing, a pack consisting of a router and two nodes is around £155 ($210). For a WiFi 6 system, that’s very competitive.

Eagle Pro AI claims to bring AI-enhanced capabilities to optimise your Wi-Fi. D-Link says that its AI Assistant will...

RootMetrics: EE maintains UK mobile network performance lead

The latest UK Mobile Performance Review from RootMetrics finds that EE remains the operator to beat.

EE earned the top spot across all seven of RootMetrics’ performance categories: Overall Performance, Reliability, Accessibility, Speed, Data, Call, and Text. The operator took home 109 of 112 RootScore Awards in major metropolitan areas.

Patrick Linder, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications at RootMetrics, said:

“As the UK’s hunger for data...