Vodafone and Meta collaborate on European network optimisation

Vodafone and Meta have joined forces to tackle network congestion and improve mobile user experience across Europe. The collaboration, which began in June, has already been implemented in eleven European markets.

The initiative aims to free up network capacity for all mobile customers, with a particular focus on enhancing the viewing experience of high-quality short videos. This development comes at a time when video content consumption on mobile devices continues to surge,...

Meta promised free internet but it ended up costing

Meta (formerly Facebook) promised free internet access to cash-strapped users in developing countries, but it ended up costing them.

The company profits from having as many people as possible online and using its services—so while the initiative is welcome to help individuals get connected who may not otherwise be able to afford to, it’s not entirely altruistic.

However, according to documents obtained by whistleblower Francis Haugen and published by The Wall Street...