How cloud-based mobile testing is accelerating digital transformation for enterprises

How cloud-based mobile testing is accelerating digital transformation for enterprises Mudit Singh is a product and growth expert with 12+ years of experience. A part of LambdaTest's founding team, Mudit currently leads marketing and growth for LambdaTest as Director - Marketing.

7.26 billion mobile phone users by 2023! That’s what recent Statista research says. Additionally, it is anticipated that by 2023, mobile app downloads will soar to 258 billion.

The widespread use of mobile apps in this digital era has fundamentally changed how enterprises function and given rise to many new opportunities.

Given these staggering numbers, enterprises need to put mobile testing at the centre of their digital transformation journey. Alas, a lot of companies are still struggling with in-house device labs that are hard to build, maintain and update. These labs ultimately slow down the pace of innovation, cause developer friction, and become unnecessary cost centres.

The solution to this problem is rather straightforward: cloud-based mobile testing platforms. These platforms have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and affordability. Businesses can guarantee the prompt delivery of high-quality products by utilizing these cloud-based mobile testing.

This article will discuss how cloud-based mobile testing promotes digital transformation.

How cloud-based mobile testing augments digital transformation

Before listing the advantages, it is important to highlight the major drawbacks of an in-house device lab setup:

  1. Device diversity: There are new devices in the market every now and then, with different operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware configurations. Maintaining an up-to-date collection of devices can be costly and time-consuming.
  2. Security concerns: Enterprises must ensure that the devices and data are secure, as they contain sensitive user information.
  3. Cost: Maintaining a device lab can be expensive, as it requires purchasing and maintaining a large number of devices, as well as infrastructure such as servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Cloud-based mobile testing platforms offer the right panacea for these drawbacks. First up, depending on use cases and budgets, businesses can test on either simple and straightforward emulators and simulators or test on real devices. However, the overall benefits remain similar. The benefits of cloud-based mobile testing include:

● Agility
Mobile testing in the cloud provides the necessary infrastructure to instantly access the device of your choice thereby enabling organizations to be agile without having to wait to procure and set it up on their internal device lab. Moreover, cloud-based mobile testing platforms come with tons of integrations across CI/CD to enable better output.

● Reduced operational cost
Mobile testing in the cloud offers a scalable model where businesses only pay for the resources they utilize. It reduces the cost of purchasing and operating IT infrastructure and helps scale specifically based on demand.

● Enhanced security
A secure cloud-based mobile testing platform gives businesses access to a private tunnel that ensures top-notch security of information.

● Increased efficiency and enhanced customer experience
Using cloud-based mobile testing allows maximum efficiency to be obtained at the lowest possible cost. It enables the development team to focus only on testing without having to worry about setting up, maintaining, or updating the infrastructure. This ultimately results in shorter release cycles and enhanced customer experience.

● Scalability
Elasticity through parallel testing allows businesses to scale their testing infrastructure up or down in response to demand.

● Better test intelligence
Access to tailored test data, and test results, is made possible via cloud-based mobile testing solutions. This guarantees that everyone in the team can access the same information, enhancing collaboration and enabling better decision-making.


Given how tough and cost-intensive setting up in-house testing labs can be, cloud-based mobile testing solutions can be the perfect catalyst for change for enterprises in terms of cost, device coverage, and speed of innovation. Enterprises must conduct thorough market research and choose the right vendor to ensure success.

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