AT&T data breach affects 109 million US customers

Data breach at AT&T affects 109 million U.S. customer accounts

AT&T has disclosed a significant cybersecurity incident that has sent ripples through the security and tech communities.

The breach, which occurred in April, resulted in the unauthorised access and download of data from approximately 109 million customer accounts, primarily consisting of call and text records from 2022.

Scope and nature of the breach

According to Reuters, the scale of this breach is particularly alarming, affecting nearly all of AT&T's...

Apple issues spyware warnings to iPhone users across 98 countries

Apple issues new spyware warnings to iPhone users across 98 countries

So far, Apple has issued a new round of threat notifications to iPhone users in 98 countries, informing them that mercenary Pegasus spyware may be used on their phones.

This is the second such notification campaign from the tech giant this year, following a similar effort in April that reached users in 92 countries.

As per a support document on Apple's website, the company has been regularly issuing these notifications since 2021, and they have resonated with users in...

The 5G journey in Malaysia: Progress and future prospects

The 5G journey for Malaysia: Progress and future prospects

Significant progress has been made on the ground in Malaysia, where populated areas reported coverage of 81.7%—an impressive figure considering that Korea and Singapore had barely reached those levels by September and October.

Malaysia achieved 80 per cent coverage in populated areas (CoPA) by late 2023, building on historic progress.

Deputy communications minister Teo Nie Ching recently informed the Dewan Rakyat that a total of 7,114 sites have been deployed across...

Nokia to acquire Infinera and sell submarine network business for €350M

Nokia to acquire Infinera to boost optical networks and sell submarine network business for € 350 million

Nokia has announced an agreement to acquire Infinera, a global supplier of innovative open optical networking solutions and advanced optical semiconductors.

The transaction values Infinera at $6.65 per share, equating to an enterprise value of US$2.3 billion, as shared by the company. This represents a 28% premium to Infinera's closing share price on June 26, 2024, and a 37% premium to the trailing 180-day volume-weighted average price.

The acquisition structure allows...

Bringing SpaceX to the wild: Is Starlink Mini right for backpackers?

Bringing the internet to the wild: Is Starlink Mini right for backpackers?

SpaceX has introduced Starlink Mini, a new portable solution to access the internet-from-space service that is already in use on boats, planes, by "van-lifers," in Amazonian villages, and in rural homes across over 75 countries.

The Verge reports that the new Starlink Mini is a DC-powered device as thick as a laptop and incorporates a Wi-Fi router into the dish itself. Although it's tiny, the Mini is no slouch and can achieve speeds of more than 100 Mbps. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk...

Nokia unveils world’s first immersive voice and audio call technology

Nokia unveils world's first immersive voice and audio call technology

Even as these little pocket computers have made the leap from mobile devices to indispensable digital hubs, smartphone communications have languished in the audio doldrums. It's a bold claim, but Nokia reckons that it's managed to achieve the "world's first immersive voice and audio call," powered by a new codec.

The demonstration marked an industry first when Nokia enabled a live immersive audio and video call over a commercial 5G network in Finland between Pekka Lundmark,...

AST SpaceMobile stock soars following Verizon partnership announcement

AST SpaceMobile stock soars following Verizon partnership announcement

AST SpaceMobile, a provider of satellite-to-phone services, saw its stock soar recently after announcing a partnership with Verizon. This deal follows the company's recent agreement with AT&T to provide remote coverage across the United States.

AST SpaceMobile is constructing satellites to deliver broadband service directly to unmodified smartphones, tapping into the emerging "direct-to-device" communications market. The company's chairman and CEO, Abel Avellan, hailed the...

BT to slash additional £3B in costs following full-fibre rollout peak

BT to slash additional £3 billion in costs following full-fibre rollout peak

BT has launched a new set of cost-saving initiatives worth £3 billion, following the completion of significant investments in its UK full-fibre broadband network, which prompted a rise in dividends.

The company saw a slight increase in revenue, reaching £20.8 billion—a 1% increase from the previous year—fueled by increased broadband prices, strong fibre product sales via Openreach, and growth in its consumer division.

However, even with increased revenue, the...

EU Telecom Ministers should safeguard open internet against Commission’s pro-telco proposals, coalition declares

EU Telecom Ministers called to safeguard open internet against Commission's pro-telco proposals, coalition declares

As discussions began at the EU Telecommunications Ministers' meeting, a diverse group of consumer associations, digital rights organisations and industry leaders highlighted their serious concerns over the prospective EU regulatory framework for telecommunications.

They expressed concerns that the Commission's recent initiatives could endanger the open internet and the competitive balance within the EU telecom market. These issues become more pressing in light of...