Are service providers becoming irrelevant?

I see quite a few articles (especially by Gary Kim) about service providers (SPs) becoming irrelevant. In this article, he quotes Matthew Key, CEO of Telefónica’s digital division, arguing "that mobile operators must invest in innovation, because they are becoming “commoditised” and their relevance to customers is 'decreasing.'" If this were in fact true, Sprint or Tracfone would be...

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What is the latest outlook for the TV market?

I've mentioned this before: getting into TV now is a losing proposition. Here's why.

Cablecos had it easy. They went from TV to ISP to Voice, each move created more profit and stickiness.

The MSO (multiple systems operators) already had the content problem kind of solved. By kind of, I mean that they already had contracts for content and were the traditional TV distribution channel. MSOs had already had to negotiate with Fox, ESPN, etc.

VZ, ATT and C-Link went to TelcoTV, spending billions to upgrade the...

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