Superfast broadband in the sky?

Accessing superfast broadband in the sky could soon become a reality for travellers after Ofcom appeared to give the green light to the initiative.

The broadcast regulator has set up a regulatory process on the matter and is considering whether or not to approve use of the new technology - called Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms. Not only could in flight connectivity be improved and speeds bolstered for plane passengers, but also for those travelling by boat and train.

Should the move get the go-ahead,...

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Why 4G is an opportunity for CSPs to reposition their business

With ageing 2G/3G networks – as well as a proliferation of complex tariffs and policies – 4G represents an ideal opportunity for CSPs to reposition their businesses (in particular as Over The Top players) and make them more profitable. 

Uncertainty from investors and changing customer behaviour, from voice-centric to data-centric usage, means that CSPs cannot rest on their laurels and must find ways to monetise their LTE investments. Unlike with 3G, they can’t afford to wait years for...

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Why 4G presents an opportunity for CSPs to target SMEs

While landing the huge corporate contract remains an important consideration and goal for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the introduction of 4G to the UK market provides the perfect opportunity to address a market segment that has traditionally been tough to crack: SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses).

According to a recent Telesperience whitepaper, commissioned by MDS, the SME sector is one that UK and European operators have long identified as a potentially lucrative opportunity waiting to happen....

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Monetising cloud/OTT services – agility still top priority for CSPs

There was a familiar topic at the centre of discussion at the recent Telco Cloud World Forum in London; arguably one that has yet to be fully addressed.

Alongside the widespread acceptance that the IT and telecoms industries are rapidly converging "in equal parts a challenge and an opportunity for both" there has been continued discussion on how CSPs must quickly adapt to offer a wider set of services beyond traditional communications.

The reason for this convergence is relatively straightforward –...

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The SME opportunity: Bill shock and customer data

You might have heard about a story appearing in the press recently, which reported that a UK customer was hit with two bills which amounted to a staggering £19,000.

While originally intent on the bill being paid, it later emerged the cost was a result of a fault with the customer's device, which was (unexpectedly) sending and receiving vast amounts of data, and the bill was ultimately waived. In a similar gaffe in October 2012, a French telephone user was sent a bill for 12 quadrillion Euros (yes,...

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Operators: Learning from the past for 4G success

After going live across 11 major cities in the UK, 4G has had its fair share of praise and criticism. It undoubtedly brings with it the promise of increased demand for faster downloads and seamless streaming services, but that's kind of missing the point.

What do operators need to consider building the right 4G propositions and delivering them smoothly? Are there relevant learnings from the previous move from 2.5G to 3G?

With Everything Everywhere’s competitors getting ready to launch their respective...

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How can outsourced integrated business support systems help MVNOs?

It's fair to say that, since their deployment in the early 1990s, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have proven to be a real revenue-generating asset in the communications marketplace.

Overall interest in the MVNO business model has fluctuated in recent years, and quite recently we've seen a vast upsurge in interest. This interest has extended across a wide range of services; the rise of data MVNOs for services such as machine-to-machine (M2M), as...

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Are new EU roaming charge limits an opportunity for carriers?

The recently announced changes to EU roaming charges bring a sense of fairness for consumers, many of whom in the past have unwittingly run up excessive charges abroad (and suffered from the subsequent bill shock a month later). After European ministers agreed to regulate and cap mobile data charges within the EU, operators are keen to adopt network sharing models in order to drive cost efficiencies that help offset the associated fall in revenues. To do so, they'll need to adopt a new business model that...

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Communications Service Providers struggle to live up to SLA expectations

At a time of transition in the telecoms landscape, as cloud and 4G services come to the fore, communications service providers (CSPs) are still struggling to deliver on pre-defined service level agreements (SLAs) according to MDS research.

The survey, conducted amongst 205 IT and telecoms decision-makers, found that 93% of respondents continue to experience problems with the SLAs they hold with CSPs.

While SLAs remain...

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Smart metering: What the utilities sector can learn from telecoms

In one of my recent posts, I suggested that the telecoms sector has needed to respond to recent surges in consumer data usage – demonstrating a value-added service that is appropriately measurable and scalable for users.

While Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have a way to go before this is achieved, the availability of sophisticated Business Support Systems (BSS) means that telecoms has the agility and functionality...

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Negating churn and owning the customer: SLAs are the new killer app

The advent of smartphones has meant that Apps now dominate the language of mobile.

Apps will come and go with waning interest but, regardless of the latest game on the market, consumers will always expect a service that rewards their loyalty.

It is for this reason that one concept will become increasingly essential to customer retention and effective service: the service level agreement (SLA). The SLA is, in essence, the ‘killer App’ that all customers need and all Communications Service Providers...

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