Gemalto to facilitate telcos’ identity services offerings

Gemalto recently announced the release of its LinqUs Mobile ID platform. This platform helps telcos offer online authentication services at the three security assurance levels (as specified by the GSMA) to their subscribers using any SIM-enabled mobile device. This announcement comes at a time when the industry desperately needs alternate means to grow revenues, with telcos having seen slower growth and declining average revenues in recent years.

The Mobile ID platform provides an opportunity for telcos to...

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Nokia and Celcom Axiata take network optimisation closer to the customer

Celcom Axiata recently announced that it will be engaging Nokia’s optimization services to improve the quality of its network. These services will leverage geo-location techniques and device profiling, and by combining data from the network with data obtained from profiling devices that make use of the network, this will bring telcos closer to understanding the actual user experience of the network. The information gathered from profiling these devices will provide insights on the network resources these devices...

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At Salesforce1 World Tour London on May 22, 2014, made a number of announcements that demonstrate its continued momentum, including its 1Q14 results, triple-digit growth by key systems integrator partners, some high-profile recent wins in the UK, and a major investment in a UK headquarters and data center in London. A week later, on May 29, CEO Marc Benioff and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a collaborative partnership.’s 1Q14 results show continued...

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The opportunity presented by Russia’s new payment system is a mixed bag

Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology

In the fallout of the troubles in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions imposed on several Russian banks, Russian authorities are now pressing ahead with plans to set up their own domestic payment scheme, and they are demanding a substantial deposit from MasterCard and Visa to continue operating in the region.

Russia has announced with typical bluster that the scheme will be launched in the next six months, but the complexities of the Russian payments...

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BT’s TV-driven success shows importance of understanding telco innovation

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst – Industry, Communications & Broadband

BT recently released its full-year 2013/14 results showing that strong growth in its Consumer division helped offset poor performance in its other divisions. The Consumer division grew its revenues by 4% in the year, bolstered by strong take-up of TV and broadband services and its fewest number of fixed line losses in five years.

The trigger for this success is evidently BT Sports, a £2bn gamble aimed at halting the loss of...

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SDN and NFV bring culture change to CSP networks

While it’s still early in the evolution to software-centric networking, Ovum believes software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) have already brought irreversible change to industry views on how future communications service provider (CSP) networks will be designed and operated and how services will be delivered and sold. Applying technologies and lessons learned from building virtualized IT networks is driving CSPs to look at network architectures and product solutions...

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Network-sharing plans of emerging market telcos repesent a pragmatic move

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst; Industry, Communications, and Broadband

Eight telcos operating in the Middle East & Africa have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore greater cooperation around infrastructure sharing. Executives from the eight telcos (Bharti Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, Ooredoo, Orange, STC, Vodafone, and Zain) together with the GSMA say that they have made this commitment to expand broadband access to rural communities.

This is a bold and welcome development as it kickstarts...

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EMV is now a marketing issue after the Target breach

Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology

The payment security breach at Target and several other major US retailers in late 2013 has had a profound impact on the US payment market and will act as a major catalyst for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa standard (EMV) migration. Although the transition to EMV is already underway through the upcoming fraud liability shifts under the major payment schemes’ EMV roadmaps, fraud is now emerging as a major consumer concern and subsequently a...

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Virgin Media Business gets ready for small cells

Ron Kline, Principal Analyst, Network Infrastructure

As the talk of small cells heats up, so does the need for backhaul. I recently met with Virgin Media Business (VMB) to discuss backhaul for small cells. The company has a fiber-rich network within major population centers in the UK and provides wholesale mobile backhaul services to mobile providers in the country.

VMB has been developing a concession-based small cell-as-a-service (SCaaS) offering using a mesh network architecture that combines its fiber...

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Telcos are readying new enterprise services

Deutsche Telekom and Orange have announced their 4Q13 financials, meaning that all of the big five European and US telcos with global services divisions have now published their reports. At the surface, the strategic priority continues to be managing decline, but there are some clues that telcos are prepared to launch new enterprise services.

Small pointers to growth

Enterprise revenues from Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems division were down by 3.8% year-on-year (YoY) to...

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The UK Court of Appeal requires a review of the CAT’s Sky Sports decision

In March 2010 Ofcom published its final statement following its review of the pay-TV market in the UK. The regulator made three decisions as a result of its analysis, including imposing a wholesale must-offer (WMO) obligation on Sky and cutting its wholesale prices by over 23%. Unfortunately, the pay-TV decision led to a four-year drama involving an appeal to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) by Sky and a counter-appeal by BT. BT has won the latest battle, but neither side has yet won the war. Ofcom will...

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Telcos unveil pragmatic innovation at #MWC14

While the headlines at MWC are still reverberating with the Facebook/WhatsApp deal and the slew of connected devices announcements, an undercurrent of pragmatic innovation is occurring away from the limelight. Telcos are unveiling pricing innovations, and outlining their refreshingly candid expectations of product and service innovations.

AT&T fired the first shot at pricing by proposing to offer unlimited international SMS to customers on its Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans. This was an attack...

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Vodafone and Huawei demonstrate FDD and TDD LTE carrier aggregation

Huawei has made many announcements at MWC, but its news of a demonstration of carrier aggregation (CA) across FDD and TDD LTE modes – and specifically Vodafone’s involvement – is particularly interesting.

The benefit of CA across FDD and TDD LTE is that operators can combine cheaper TDD spectrum with more “traditional” FDD spectrum to boost capacity and downlink speeds. In this case the partners are promising over 500Mbps.

The cost efficiencies for an operator of leveraging the...

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PTC’s ThingWorx acquisition extends product lifecycle to Internet of Things

PTC’s $112m acquisition of ThingWorx, a startup offering a platform for building and running applications based on smart, connected devices, will logically extend the company’s service lifecycle management (SLM) business. It will also help PTC’s product manufacturing clients to build value-added operational and maintenance services.

ThingWorx takes PTC into an increasingly crowded market for integrating machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. However, ThingWorx is more than middleware, and...

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SK Telecom shows telcos’ role in the Bluetooth beacon market

While Apple’s iBeacon and Qualcomm’s Gimbal beacons are dominating the news on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) solutions, SK Telecom has demonstrated that a telco can use existing infrastructure in a given market to launch beacon-related services. BLE beacons are small, low-power Bluetooth transmitters that repeatedly broadcast their presence to other nearby Bluetooth devices. As such, they are suited to organizations that want to track customer movements in a venue, or broadcast targeted messages to customers in...

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Finisar strengthens 100G offering with u2t Photonics AG acquisition

Finisar, the optical components market leader, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the equity shares of u2t Photonics AG for $20m in cash. U2t makes 100G indium phosphide (InP)-based receivers and photodiodes, and it is developing an InP-based modulator for 100G coherent applications.

The u2t product portfolio, combined with Finisar’s narrow-line-width tunable laser, gives Finisar a complete suite of optical components for a 100G coherent transmission module, thereby strengthening its...

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AT&T sends mixed messages with 1Gbps FTTH service

Kamalini Ganguly, Senior Analyst, Industry, Communications, and Broadband

AT&T has launched a variation of its U-verse service – U-verse with GigaPower – in Austin, Texas. It includes a 300Mbps FTTH broadband service which AT&T claims will be automatically upgraded to 1Gbps in a few months’ time. AT&T’s efforts to offer 1Gbps FTTH broadband to the consumer are laudatory but likely to confuse its customers and shareholders. If 1Gbps is the future, what is the future of...

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Vodafone Carrier Services to play LTE roaming trump card for IPX

Catherine Haslam, Senior Analyst, Telecoms Wholesale

Ever since Vodafone acquired Cable & Wireless Worldwide in July 2012, the carrier market has been waiting with some level of trepidation to see just what impact the newly minted wholesaler Vodafone Carrier Services (VCS) would have on the existing structure and market share. The waiting is over as VCS begins to leverage every advantage possible from Vodafone’s 28 operating companies to improve market share and margin.

VCS has begun by...

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Tizen selects Nokia’s Here platform for location

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

The Tizen Association announced on Monday that it has selected Nokia’s Here maps platform to power the location elements of the Tizen mobile operating system.

This fills a major hole in Tizen’s offering and paves the way for the launch of the first Tizen handsets from Samsung, which we expect to arrive in 2014. Although the impact of the deal will ultimately rely on the success of Tizen, the selection of Here not only illustrates the growing...

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Telecom Italia’s future becomes even more uncertain

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst, Industry, Communications, and Broadband

Telecom Italia (TI) has unveiled plans to raise €4.0bnto help reduce its debt. Rather than the €2.0bn capital increase that had been anticipated, TI has opted for a €1.4bnconvertible bond, the sale of its 22.7% stake in Telecom Argentina, the sale-and-lease-back of its mobile towers in Brazil and Italy, and the offloading of its digital broadcasting unit in Italy. These steps will give the operator something of a reprieve,...

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