Has NFC got a new ticker?

When I was little I used to get gifts from my parents like most kids in my age, mostly toys. Being very secretive with my toys I‘d never share them with anyone except my sister; we’d play in the garden surrounding the house, also acting as a shield, blocking access to those trying to see what was happening inside. Except being secretive with my toys, my sister was bored very easily, especially with toys for boys.

One day, I received a freesbie as an ‘end of school’ present; the...

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LTE compliant products: Too early or just in time?

Those of you who lived the 2.5G-3G-HSDPA transition through work in either the technical or commercial sides should be experiencing strong Déjà vu spells already. If not, beware: you may be a victim of ‘the happiness of ignorance’ without even realizing it.  

Because this is exactly what you have if you believe that rolling out 4G networks means everything will fall into place and work in harmony: Carriers, hardware, software, uninterrupted live call transfer from 3G to

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