Impacts of convergence on the enterprise app store

Converging roadsWelcome to the Partnerpedia Thought Leadership series on Enterprise Mobility. Today we are focusing on “Impacts of Application Convergence on the Enterprise App Store”, and my guest is Sam Liu, Partnerpedia’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. Sam brings ton of experience in the enterprise space and on this subject matter. Welcome Sam and thank you for...

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Mobile App Management Space Starting to Consolidate

The news that Symantec has acquired Mobile App Management (MAM) firm Nukona wasn’t surprising – not that Nukona was being acquired, but that it’s a matter of time the MAM space would start to consolidate.

Last year, we saw a significant uptick in mindshare when it came to MAM – internal enterprise app stores that provides an easy self-service app distribution and management model for the enterprise.

MAM has been growing in momentum with several vendors in the space. Some are recent startups like...

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Carriers Validate Enterprise Mobility Space

By Sam Liu
Partnerpedia's VP of Marketing

Recently we have seen carriers enter the enterprise mobility space, specifically Verizon Wireless’ private app store for business and AT&T’s mobile app management solution. This is a good indication of the continued maturation of enterprise mobility.

Carriers are known for supplying commodity voice and data plans to corporations...

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