LTE Security: Backhaul to the Future

It's hard to hit moving targets, but subscribers to 4G and LTE networks need to be assured that their data has better protection than just being part of a high volume, fast-moving flow of traffic. This is a key issue with LTE architectures – the connection between the cell site and the core network is not inherently secure. 

Operators have previously not had to consider the need for secure backhaul.

2G and 3G services use TDM and ATM backhaul, which proved relatively safe against external...

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Offload to avoid overload – and retain revenues

Mobile operators are facing a data crunch.  Sales of bandwidth-hungry mobile broadband devices continue to rise but consumer led, all-you-can-eat tariffs mean that revenues aren’t keeping pace with data volumes.  Instead, there’s increasing congestion on networks.  What’s more, a recent report from Juniper Research forecast that almost 50% of data traffic generated by 3G/4G-connected devices will be offloaded to Wi-Fi and Small Cell networks this year

This equates to 10...

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