Nokia unveils world’s first immersive voice and audio call technology

Nokia unveils world's first immersive voice and audio call technology

Even as these little pocket computers have made the leap from mobile devices to indispensable digital hubs, smartphone communications have languished in the audio doldrums. It's a bold claim, but Nokia reckons that it's managed to achieve the "world's first immersive voice and audio call," powered by a new codec.

The demonstration marked an industry first when Nokia enabled a live immersive audio and video call over a commercial 5G network in Finland between Pekka Lundmark,...

London police make ‘SMS blaster’ arrests

London police have arrested two individuals in connection with a scheme using an "SMS blaster" to send thousands of fraudulent messages. These messages, posing as banks and official organisations, aimed to deceive the public into sharing personal information.

The investigation, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, uncovered the use of an illegal telephone mast functioning as an "SMS blaster." This device enabled the perpetrators to bypass mobile networks' security...

FCC moves to strengthen internet routing security

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled a proposal aimed at bolstering the security of America's networks against cyberattacks by improving internet routing security.

The new initiative mandates that ISPs produce confidential reports detailing their efforts and plans to address vulnerabilities in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a fundamental technical protocol used for routing information across the internet.

Under the proposal, the largest broadband...

KPN and ABP form tower company amid rising data demand

KPN and Dutch pension fund ABP have entered into an agreement to form a new tower company, known as TowerCo. This partnership aligns with KPN's ‘Connect, Activate & Grow’ strategy, aiming to optimise the value of its passive infrastructure assets while maintaining strategic flexibility.

The agreement comes in response to the surging consumption of data and the deployment of new technologies. With the growing demand for network expansion and densification, KPN recognises...

Committee warns UK set to miss 4G coverage target

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee's report on the Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme reveals critical issues in meeting the UK government's 95% 4G coverage goal by December 2025.

Launched in 2020, the SRN aims to improve 4G coverage from 91.4% to 95% of the UK landmass. Despite a steady increase to 93.1%, sustaining this progress becomes increasingly challenging as the remaining areas are harder to reach.

The report highlights that three out of four mobile...

AST SpaceMobile stock soars following Verizon partnership announcement

AST SpaceMobile stock soars following Verizon partnership announcement

AST SpaceMobile, a provider of satellite-to-phone services, saw its stock soar recently after announcing a partnership with Verizon. This deal follows the company's recent agreement with AT&T to provide remote coverage across the United States.

AST SpaceMobile is constructing satellites to deliver broadband service directly to unmodified smartphones, tapping into the emerging "direct-to-device" communications market. The company's chairman and CEO, Abel Avellan, hailed the...

The power of Android device management platforms for telcos

The market opportunity for telecommunications and managed service providers to lease smart devices to their customers is significant and multi-faceted. 

Leasing smart devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and set top boxes, allows telcos and other service providers to generate additional revenue streams beyond traditional subscription services. By offering leased device bundled as part of their service packages, telcos can attract more customers and increase...

NATO launches hub to safeguard critical undersea infrastructure

NATO has inaugurated a specialised centre focused on the security of extensive undersea energy pipelines and cables, which are crucial for global communications, energy supply, and economic stability yet remain vulnerable to attacks.

The newly established NATO Maritime Centre for Security of Critical Undersea Infrastructure (CUI) is based at NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) in Northwood, UK. The centre, which recently achieved Initial Operational Capability (IOC), serves as a...

BT to slash additional £3B in costs following full-fibre rollout peak

BT to slash additional £3 billion in costs following full-fibre rollout peak

BT has launched a new set of cost-saving initiatives worth £3 billion, following the completion of significant investments in its UK full-fibre broadband network, which prompted a rise in dividends.

The company saw a slight increase in revenue, reaching £20.8 billion—a 1% increase from the previous year—fueled by increased broadband prices, strong fibre product sales via Openreach, and growth in its consumer division.

However, even with increased revenue, the...

EU Telecom Ministers should safeguard open internet against Commission’s pro-telco proposals, coalition declares

EU Telecom Ministers called to safeguard open internet against Commission's pro-telco proposals, coalition declares

As discussions began at the EU Telecommunications Ministers' meeting, a diverse group of consumer associations, digital rights organisations and industry leaders highlighted their serious concerns over the prospective EU regulatory framework for telecommunications.

They expressed concerns that the Commission's recent initiatives could endanger the open internet and the competitive balance within the EU telecom market. These issues become more pressing in light of...