RIM launches MDM solution for Blackberry, iOS & Android

After a decidedly dodgy few days, RIM, under no illusions about the need to reclaim its place in the hearts of business users, has released the full version of its new mobile device management solution Blackberry Mobile Fusion.

It’s been a torrid week for the Canadian manufacturer; a week that included stock write-downs, executive ejections and some poor guy getting stabbed in the neck at a celebrity BBM party in London.

However, the release of RIM’s Mobile Fusion product, announced back in...

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Nano-sim decision argy-bargy delays crucial vote

The decision over the next standard for mobile sim cards has become bogged down in a spat over patents.

Nokia, Motorola and RIM are locked in a pitch battle with Apple over rival proposed formats for the new nano-sim standard.

Nokia, which is strongly pushing its own design, has threatened to withhold crucial patents relating to communication and processing in mobile devices if Apple’s proposed design is chosen.

Earlier this week, RIM accused Apple of attempting to influence the vote, claiming that...

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Feathers fly over Ofcom's Everything Everywhere LTE deal

Feathers are flying again over the forthcoming divvy-up of UK LTE bandwidth, with Vodafone accusing the UK regulator Ofcom of “taking leave of its senses”, for allowing Everything Everywhere to use existing spectrum to run 4G services.

Everything Everywhere is a joint venture involving T-Mobile and Orange. Last week Ofcom announced that it would allow the companies to operate LTE services over the 1,800MHz band previously used by 2G mobile...

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Ultro-low power microchips to enable 'internet of things'

UK-based microchip designer Arm holdings has released what it says is the “world’s most energy efficient microprocessor”, a low-power chip that could see everyday objects and devices from washing machines to light bulbs, connected wirelessly to what’s being called “the internet of things”.

While many non-pc domestic devices already contain 8- or 16-bit chips, Arm’s new 32-bit Cortex-M0+ processor, consumes just one third of the energy of these, while delivering...

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Are wireless networks evolving too slowly?

Wireless and WiFi network capacity is evolving too slowly to accommodate the surge in enterprise mobility, leading to declining user satisfaction levels, according to a new report.

Mobility services specialist iPass examined the effect of what it calls ‘Mobile Darwinism’, as technology and data consumption evolve faster than business infrastructure and mobile networks can handle.

The report found a 25% decline on 2011 levels of mobile network satisfaction to 63%. Only half of those surveyed were...

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Operators begin fight back against OTT messaging #mwc12

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week saw much interest in the rise of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Pinger, Rim’s BBM and Facebook Messenger; applications that allow users to send messages and media to each other over a data or wifi network.

WhatsApp, a cross platform subscription service that lets users converse in real time, in groups and supporting rich media, is currently serving 2bn...

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Facebook throws its weight behind HTML5

Facebook is participating in a number of industry wide initiatives to support the development of the mobile web, according to Brett Taylor, the company´s CEO, who made the announcement in a live keynote speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this morning.

“Despite the incredible amount of work we have to do to make the mobile web great, I am extremely...

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What are you announcing at Mobile World Congress? #MWC12

With only days ahead of the biggest mobile industry event kicks off in Barcelona, the product announcements are coming thick and fast.

With this year’s show looking to be an LTE, NFC, mobile billing and app monetisation bonanza, the Telecoms Tech team will be travelling to Barcelona over the weekend to bring you the latest news, announcements, gossip and product releases.

The latest manufacturer to lift the lid on its upcoming box of tricks is LG, which is...

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ZTE to launch two new LTE handsets at #MWC

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has announced the launch of two new handsets ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next week.

The firm said it was planning to launch two new LTE handsets, the PF200 and N910, running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz chipsets, though didn’t specify which chip would feature in which handset.

4G LTE phones are expected to be a...

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Google shares fall on disappointing results

Google shares plummeted yesterday following news that the search giant’s performance for Q4 2011 had come in below predictions.

Despite reporting a 27% increase in revenue, Google shares fell by 10%. In the last three months of 2011, it reported revenues of $10.6bn, with net profit increasing by 6.4% to $2.7bn.

Meanwhile, Microsoft posted flat earnings, reporting $6.62bn over the quarter, following strong business demand for software and services and a successful Christmas period for the Xbox games...

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SOPA under fire from all sides

Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most visited website, has today replaced its English language pages with a holding page in protest against controversial anti piracy legislation currently making its way through the US Congress.

For 24 hours, Wickipedia’s global English-language pages have been replaced by a landing page explaining the issues surrounding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). If passed, the legislation could “fatally damage the free...

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iPhone 4S sales suspended in Beijing and Shanghai

Apple has suspended retail sales of its iPhone 4S in Beijing and Shanghai after outraged Chinese shoppers pelted its flagship Beijing store in Sanlitun with eggs following a botched product launch event.

A restless crowd was told that the store would not be opening and they would be unable to purchase the product they had all been queuing for hours in sub-zero temperatures for.

As a result of the ensuing melee, police had to be brought in to manage the disgruntled, unruly crowd.

Trouble broke out and eggs...

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AT&T throws in the towel on T-Mobile merger


AT&T has thrown in the towel on its controversial bid to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom (DT).

Since it was announced in March, the £39bn acquisition drew fierce criticism from US consumer groups, not to mention stiff resistance from the US Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The termination of the merger incurs a hefty payout from AT&T, $3bn to DT in Q4 this year. In addition, AT&T will...

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Where now for Hewlett Packard?

Computing giant Hewlett Packard (HP) has reported a staggering dive in Q4 profits of 91% following a tough year that saw the manufacturer sack its CEO, then ditch its WebOS business in favour of a focus on software and cloud computing infrastructure.

So where does the world’s largest technology company see itself heading now after a most confusing twelve months?

In what was a pretty dismal, though in truth better than many predicted, financial quarter, HP’s profits nudged $200m, down from $2.5bn...

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Lack of collaboration leaves IT open to hackers

Pressure to improve business productivity and a lack of collaboration with different business divisions is leaving also enterprise IT departments open to increased security risks, according to a new report.

The annual ‘State of Endpoint’ study, carried out by the Poneman Institute for endpoint management and security specialist Lumension, found that the number of companies that felt their IT networks were not more secure than a year ago has increased over the past two years to just under two...

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Over half of all smartphones sold running Android

More than half of the world’s new smartphones being sold are running Google’s Android software, according to new figures from research firm Gartner.

Android’s market share has more than doubled in the last year, with the smartphone market itself expanding by a staggering 42% to tip 115.2m devices in Q3, 52% of them running Android. Other platforms have suffered a decrease in market share as a result, it said, with Apple's iOS market share slipping by 1.6%.

"Android benefited from more...

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LTE trial kicks off in London

O2, a UK arm of European telecoms giant Telefonica, has begun the first trial of 4G LTE in the English capital, delivering mobile broadband speeds of up to 150mbps to a sample group of around 100 users.

Over 25 4G sites will go live across London this month, covering a combined area of 40 square kilometres, between now and summer 2012, covering key areas of the capital, including Canary Wharf, Soho, Westminster, South Bank and Kings Cross.

In reality, as experienced with 3G, actual download speeds...

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Europe’s largest operator posts first loss in 9 years

Europe’s largest operator, Telefonica, has posted its first quarterly loss in nine years, amid what it described as a ‘challenging’ market environment.

The group’s profit plummeted by 69% to 2.73bn Euros, with a 5.4% increase in revenue largely wiped out by a one off restructuring charge of 2.7bn Euros.

The firm reported a loss of 429m Euros in the third quarter, compared to a net profit of 5.06bn Euros during the same period in 2010, though last year’s results were bolstered by...

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