Operators must embrace change to stay relevant, say Telco CEOs #MWC2013

There’s an all pervasive sense of a pressing need for change running through operator strategy discussions at MWC in Barcelona this week.

Since we travelled to the city for last year´s show, the Telco community has tried its hand at delivering the OTT that’s been otherwise ravaging its revenues. It has tried to implement the Wholesale Applications Community. On the whole, the results have been mediocre at best.

Viber CEO and OTT poster boy Talmon Marco, on stage this morning, gave a frank...

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Mobile data evolution to drive huge socioeconomic changes globally #MWC

Operator revenue levels on data are set to overtake voice revenues by 2018, according to research announced by the GSMA at the beginning of the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this week.

An explosion in mobile data, driven by a surge in demand for connected devices and M2M communication is “transforming the socioeconomic future of people in developed and developing countries”, it said.

The report, compiled in association...

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Japanese operators gamble on iOS and Android #AppsWorld

The US dropped to second place in terms of app revenue generation last year for the first time ever, supplanted by the new dominant player whose smartphone market is beginning to snowball, Japan.

Mobile app intelligence and metrics tracking firm App Annie has released a detailed breakdown of the the complex Japanese market, detailing the precarious stance this smartphone onslaught has forced domestic carriers to adopt.

Smartphone uptake among the Islands’ population progressed at a leisurely pace until...

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Mobilisation strategy advice for airports and national infrastructure - #AppsWorld

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the managing organisation for the sixth largest airport in the world, serving 62 million passengers a year, and faces a raft of new security threats from connected mobile devices.

In this dynamic environment, LAWA CIO Dominic Nessi is right at the heart of things. We caught up with him ahead of his appearance at Apps World in San Francisco to try and get a sense of his role and the challenges he faces.

“Mobile devices are the new frontier for cyber security...

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Map-deprived Apple users reunited with #GoogleMaps for iOS

The new Google Maps app was made available in the App Store today, and immediately shot to number one in the download rankings, following a comedy of bungles that has seriously dented the Apple brand.

“People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone,” announced Google Maps for mobile director Daniel Graf. “Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Google Maps is here—rolling out across the world.”

This immediate popularity might provide some...

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Cisco targets small to mid-market with cloud networking acquisition

Cisco plans to boost its cloud networking capabilities with the acquisition of the San Francisco-based firm Meraki for $1.2bn.

The cash deal, expected to close in the second quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2013, gives Cisco access to a host of wireless networking tools and, perhaps more importantly, a route into the rapidly growing small to mid-sized market that Cisco has so far struggled to grab a share of.

Meraki, a Google-backed company founded in 2006, employs around 330 people. It provides Wi-Fi,...

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Unrealistic pricing blamed for lacklustre Indian 2G auction

A disappointing first day’s bidding in India’s 2G spectrum auctions has seen two of the country’s most valuable regions attract no bids, following a number of complaints from operators that the prices set by the Indian government were just too high.

The government received bids worth Rs9.2bn ($1.7bn) on day one of the auction on Monday, less than a quarter of the amount it hoped to raise; an embarrassing result that comes at a bad time for India’s telecoms industry, and for the...

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Apple runs foul of UK courts, prepares to backtrack

The UK Court of Appeal has reprimanded Apple over the half hearted and sniping nature of a statement it was forced to publish, acknowledging that Samsung did not infringe on the registered design of the iPad in the UK.

In the latest development in what is now the longest running legal spat between the two tech rivals, judges ruled that the ‘corrective statement’, published last week on Apple’s UK website, was ‘non-compliant’ with the Court's order, made earlier in October.

The company was also...

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EE launches first UK 4G LTE network, defends pricing

It's been exciting times for the UK this week as its first commercially available superfast 4G LTE service launched across 11 major cities.

EE, a joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile UK received the go-ahead to launch the service ahead of rivals Vodafone, O2 and Three, following months of legal wrangling over promised spectrum auctions.

“Today is a landmark day for our...

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Do Huawei and ZTE pose a cyber-espionage risk?

Chinese network equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE pose a security threat to the US and should be barred from any mergers or acquisitions in the country, an influential congressional panel has advised.

The report, expected to be released by the US House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee later on Monday, said that the two firms had failed to demonstrate the absence of Chinese state or military influence in their operations. The firms failed to hand over documents relating to formal...

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Value of TV apps difficult to quantify, for now #AppsWorld

TV apps have a long way to go before they constitute a major channel in the minds of either advertisers or consumers, according to an expert industry panel at Apps World this morning.

The overriding theme of the session, which included representatives from Samsung, Mindshare and the CTVMA, was that TV apps are still very much in the early days.

Jodie McAfee, general manager of Samsung’s Adhum in Europe, said that much of the activity in the field currently was aimed...

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#AppsWorld preview- Enterprise mobility: How to merge the past with the future

For many CIOs of established global multinational enterprises, spanning multiple business units in numerous countries, modernising IT systems and workforce mobilisation can seem a daunting task.

The international healthcare group Bupa identified the shifting sands of business IT before many other firms. Andrew Easton, Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture, faces a complex modernisation process where past and future technologies will have to mesh together to meet the future...

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IBM flirts with RIM enterprise services unit acquisition

BlackBerry maker RIM’s enterprise services division is in IBM’s cross-hairs as a potential acquisition target, according to industry sources.

Bloomberg cited unnamed sources, claiming that the tech giant has already made an informal approach towards purchasing the unit, which operates a network of secure servers to support the BlackBerry devices with email and messaging.

Rumours of a sell-off have been in the mill for the past couple of months, after it was learned that the company had brought in...

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Deutsche Telekom eyes ‘internet of things’ with new M2M portal

Deutsche Telekom has positioned itself as a potential M2M leader in the continuing development of the ‘internet of things’, opening a new developer community platform for M2M communications.

The new community, part of the company’s existing Developer Garden initiative, offers a number of useful tools including, APIs and software development kits (SDKs), which it says will ‘quickly and easily’ allow...

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Microsoft snaps up cloud collaboration tool Yammer

Microsoft has further vindicated the idea of online social networking as a business tool by purchasing the enterprise collaboration firm Yammer for an estimated $1.2bn.

Yammer, which has often been called the ‘Facebook of business’, claims to bring “the power of social networking to the enterprise”. It allows co-workers to communicate and share information almost instantaneously using Facebook-style newsfeeds.

The move comes as Microsoft tries to expand upon its complementary cloud...

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Can Microsoft's Surface elbow its way into the tablet market?

Many of the rumours around Microsoft’s product launch in LA were proved correct last night when the company belly-flopped into the tablet market, announcing its new range of Surface tablet computers.

Throwing its hat into a ring dominated by Apple’s iPad, and competing with a strong product from Amazon and a host of lesser Android tablets, the Surface faces an uphill struggle to gain traction in the hearts of both enterprise and consumer users.


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Google Apps for Business clears ISO security audit

Google Apps for Business has cleared a key security hurdle by achieving ISO 27001 certification, which it hopes will persuade large businesses that it’s safe to move crucial data and processes to its cloud.

The award was announced on Google’s blog this week by Eran Feigenbaum, Google’s enterprise director of security.

Instead of being a barrier, security is now becoming a reason that businesses switch to the cloud, he wrote. “The reason for this shift is that businesses are beginning...

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EU anti-dumping investigation provokes China retaliation fears

News that the EU is planning to launch a huge 'anti-dumping' trade case against China, alleging that Chinese mobile manufacturers benefit from illegal government subsidies, has provoked only anxious reticence and stony silence among European tech leaders.

On Friday the Financial Times reported that the EU was poised to launch one of its biggest ever trade cases, citing claims that the commission had painstakingly gathered evidence over...

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Can Telefónica halt the OTT smash and grab with "TU Me"?

European telecoms giant Telefónica has released its own VoIP-based communication app, in a direct challenge to the popular OTT services that have usurped billions of dollars of operators’ revenue over the last year.

European operators have been feeling the pinch from services like Skype and WhatsApp, and companies including Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodfone have been making noises about introducing their own rich...

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Nokia hit by tough smartphone market: Shares nosedive

Shares in the Finnish mobile giant Nokia plunged by 14% after the firm admitted it was facing a tough battle for smartphone sales, “particularly in India, the Middle East, Africa and China”, and revised its Q1 predictions downwards.

The company has faced an uphill struggle since abandoning the ‘burning platform’ of Symbian and throwing its lot in with Microsoft’s WP7 platform. Sales of its new Lumina windows phones have been sluggish, though Nokia says it sold over 2m handsets...

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