3 reasons a TV won’t restart Apple's innovation engine

Apple reported Q4 earnings recently, and despite having a record quarter, the company is taking some serious heat on Wall Street. Investors are nervous that Apple has lost its touch and I’ve already spoken before about how their innovation process is stuck in neutral, which led many to speculate that a Smart TV will be Apple's way of digging themselves out of this rut.


Here are 3 reasons why it won’t:

  • Apple’s traditional model of...
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    Can BlackBerry rebound, and how will RIM play it out?

    BlackBerry: Can it rebound?

    Research in Motion still remains in a very precarious position, based on where it once was ─ at the top of the smartphone market.

    The company’s new CEO Thorsten Heins has orchestrated considerable senior management changes, and the brand continues to downsize. It has stopped giving financial guidance to the street and has engaged with J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and RBC Capital Markets to look at all possibilities.

    Just four years ago, BlackBerry was the #1 smart phone brand, and was widely adopted in...

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