When perfection does matter

While we often argue against the need for perfection, there is definitely a time and a place when it's required and any discussion about TELCOs should at least try to recognise this.

Although today we see many services as non-essential, just useful and, possibly, fun, it's easy to forget that TELCO networks deliver some fundamental services that can have a critical role to play in our lives.


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Why won’t enterprise choose telco operators for Cloud services?

At the recent Cloud Net Summit in London, there was considerable discussion regarding the role carriers and telecoms service providers can play in the provision of cloud services. One of the most noteworthy observations came from research by Current Analysis, which suggested that only 6% of businesses choose carriers as their “go-to” source for cloud services.

A number of reasons were advanced for this perhaps surprising conclusion, including the suggestion that carriers are perceived as having...

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What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest enhancement to the existing, standardised HTML specifications, mandated and approved by the W3C. Although the full recommendations are not expected to be approved / released until 2014, many aspects of the work are now stable and there are working implementations of HTML5 that have already been released by vendors and application developers.

Essentially, HTML5 is intended to enhance the capabilities of existing versions of HTML (and related standards) for the creation of web applications....

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Risk and Reward: Operators Need Flexible Investment Funds

Readers from outside the UK may have been amused by the protracted process that has led to the announcement of a new high-speed railway that will be built here. Our friends around the world must be wondering why it's taken so long to embrace something that, in many countries, has been around for several decades.

Well, better late than never – at least there's no competition for such projects, so there's no risk that someone else will get there first. But it does make us think about the decision making...

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