Three seeks £167m in damages over EE mast-sharing deal

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Three claims EE has not provided access to half of its masts promised in a sharing deal it struck when T-Mobile merged with Orange to create the UK's biggest MNO. An existing agreement with T-Mobile to use its 3G infrastructure should have provided Three with access to 3,300 of EE's masts after the merger. 

In court papers filed by Three, the now...

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O2 chief describes UK market as 'like Venezuela' ahead of expected Three merger rejection

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The ongoing saga over Three UK's bid to merge its operations with O2 should reach a conclusion next week, following an expected rejection from the European Commission. O2's chief executive, Ronan Dunne, has given strong criticism about UK regulators and compared the market as 'like Venezuela' when it comes to spectrum ownership. 

Dunne's comments...

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Opinion: Competition issues posed by the BT/EE tie-up

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The UK’s biggest fixed-line telecommunications business and the biggest mobile network are set to become one. On paper, this appears a simple and logical marriage of two market-shaping operators. If only reality was that simple.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has cleared BT’s takeover of EE, having concluded the deal does not represent a competitive...

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Hutchison offers £3bn of its network to woo EU regulators in O2 takeover

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Regulators are concerned about Three’s £10bn pound bid for O2 due to a reduction of players in the market; which could lead to less competition and increase consumer prices. The deal, if approved, would also leapfrog Three from the smallest mobile operator in the UK, in terms of subscribers, to the biggest in one fell swoop.

Hutchison, who owns Three in the UK, has...

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FCC simplifies broadband facts with inspiration from nutrition labels

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In the most "consumer" move the FCC has ever made, the regulator has introduced a new label inspired by nutrition labels in a bid to ensure potential customers know what they should expect from their broadband package. 

Using the same design as consumers are used to finding on the back of their nutritional products, the new labels will replace...

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UK telcos will attend EU meeting over Three/O2 deal

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Some of the UK's biggest mobile telecoms companies will head to a closed-door hearing on March 7th organised by the European Commission, where the proposed merger between O2 and Three UK will be debated. 

Three UK owner, Hong Kong's CK Hutchison, agreed to a £10.25bn deal in March last year...

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UK has a "poverty of ambition" when it comes to broadband, says IoD

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The UK government has set a national broadband speed target of 10Mbps by 2020, which it expects to exceed. Such a low figure is more than achievable, but a new report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) has called out the government for having a "poverty of ambition" when it comes to national broadband speed. 

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Ofcom won't split BT/Openreach, but it's split industry opinion

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Telecoms regulator Ofcom launched a review in March last year into whether BT and its Openreach network arm should be split-up due to rivals' claims the company has underinvested in the network – leading to poor speeds and reliability for those who pay to use it. 

Results of the investigation were posted today and Ofcom has...

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Three and O2 offer five-year price freeze ahead of proposed merger

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Telecommunications giant BT was given the all-clear last month by regulators to acquire EE, the UK's biggest mobile operator. The deal has created a so-called "leviathan" which has shaken the market, and rivals have been scrambling to seek new ways to ensure they remain competitive. 


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Concerns remain over BT's £12.5bn takeover of EE

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Following a six-month investigation, and provisional clearance last October, the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has made a final decision to approve BT's takeover of EE. Today's clearance will allow the UK's biggest network provider to join the UK's biggest mobile network – in a deal worth...

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FCC aims to unshackle connected car spectrum

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Managing spectrum allocation is tricky business, you want to ensure it's available where needed to enable innovation, but it's such a limited resource that when it's not being used it must be questioned as to whether it should be repurposed for use elsewhere. 

A pair of FCC commissioners has raised this question during an event in Washington DC

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FCC looks to understand telco strategy on free data and net neutrality

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has called on AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile US to provide details on the approach of these players in offering customers free data for viewing Web videos, a development that raises concerns on net neutrality. However, the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, added that the move of the regulator to solicit details was not an investigation but a...

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Ofcom reveals the worst telecoms providers of Q3 2015

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Ofcom has published data this morning which reveals the worst telecoms providers in terms of complaints the regulator had received over a three-month period from July to September 2015. It contains data about 13 providers of landline, fixed line broadband, mobile, and pay TV services. 

Across most of the board, the overall volume of complaints made to Ofcom increased between...

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