Nokia Bell Labs aims to pioneer next-gen 5G platform as a service

Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research arm of the Finnish technology giant, has said it is collaborating with a variety of stakeholders for the next generation of 5G platform as a service (NGPaaS).

The collaboration includes industry vendors, operators, IT companies, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as European academic institutions, to dedicate 24 months towards the advance of 5G. The group, known as 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP) mediates between the EU and telecom...

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How telecom providers are embracing cognitive app development


Mobile internet applications are evolving rapidly. Cognitive computing technologies will inspire telecom service providers to profoundly change their business model in new creative ways. Deploying intelligent voice control apps on smartphones was just the beginning of this trend.

As an example, mobile network operators are increasing their investment in big data analytics and machine learning technologies as they transform into digital application developers and cognitive service...

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Telstra acquires app development firm Readify – a sign of things to come?

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Australian telco Telstra has announced the acquisition of enterprise application development platform provider Readify in order to “drive digital transformation for enterprise customers in domestic and global markets,” according to a press release.

Readify, which employs approximately 200 staff across Australia, offers a wide variety of services across the enterprise and mobile stacks. The company has a distinctive Microsoft beat, with support not only for Azure cloud,...

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Global telecom API platform market to hit £3.4bn by 2022

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The latest report on the global telecom API industry from Market Research Engine argues the market is projected to see CAGR of over 19% in the period 2015–2022 and is slated to see valuation in excess of $5 billion (£3.4 billion) by 2022.

Drastic growth in the mobile applications market has ensured demand for telecom APIs and telecom companies own several APIs. The requirement for API management is on the rise as more telecom operators are going digital in addition to...

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Why IoT is going through a difficult teenage phase


By Nick Booth

Uncommunicative data refuses to come out of its silo – and boy can it be difficult.

As we all know, there are hundreds of benevolent IT developers who only want to do one thing – improve the world, one Internet working of Things at a time. Oh to be young and idealistic!

In a way, they are like parents – they want the best and they can see possibilities that the offspring can’t. Tragically the IoT cannot benefit from the wisdom of their experience....

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Opera launches "all you can eat" app store

For operators, the added perks you can offer customers which helps to differentiate your package from the competition is one of the most important factors as network performance becomes negligibly different between providers. Opera Software has launched an operator-branded app store which promises "all you can eat" apps and games, and it could be worth adding to your arsenal. 

One of the biggest benefits of Opera's...

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DevOps in Telecoms – is it possible?


A recent article on CA takes a look at how DevOps is making strides into many industries to improve the speed in how we deploy our solutions in Agile development environments. What surprised me was that in telecoms the adoption of DevOps is much higher than generally believed and seems most willing to extend their existing agile methodologies. CA says:

The clear leader here is telecoms. They...

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Why telecom network APIs are a catalyst for growth

When you think about sources of business or technology innovation, does the current telecom or cable TV industry players come to mind? Yes, it's a rhetorical question, we already know the answer.Most broadband service providers are not recognized for new business ideas or product leadership. That's why they typically rely upon outside vendors to create the concepts for new original sources of revenue. That's particularly true for software-based innovations.The telecom network Application Programming Interface (API) is the conduit for that creativity. Telecom APIs...

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How APIs save the day for telecom profits

Telecom operators are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place; neither the services nor the customer are willing to foot the bill when it comes to bandwidth for OTT services.  With increasing mobile usage and customers demanding constant access to these network saturating services such as Google, Skype and Netflix, telecom bandwidth is becoming a treasured commodity. Ovum has predicted that global revenues for telcos will decline by 1 per cent between 2017 and 2018, so the future looks...

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A closer look at Virgin Media Business' “Three New Things” shortlist of web technologies

UK telecoms giant Virgin Media Business is currently running a competition to find “Three New Things” alongside some very appetising rewards for digital entrepreneurs up and down the country. The list has now been whittled down to 10 finalists – and most have something in common…

Perhaps unsurprising for a competition run by a modern and forward-looking empire as Virgin Media – the majority of the finalists have some relation to the web and connected...

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How Westpac is adapting in a fast mobile banking world

Westpac New Zealand is aiming to stand out from the crowd by being especially mobile-friendly.

Through its Global App Challenge, the bank is crowdsourcing ideas for the next generation of mobile and web banking apps with a NZD$100,000 prize at the end.

And according to Westpac NZ head of digital Simon Pomeroy, the reason why traditional banking has been relatively slow on the uptake is because banking has never changed.

“If you boil banking down to its grass roots, it’s still been the same since...

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AT&T launches connected car platform

It’s all happening in the automotive-space at this year’s CES! Just yesterday our sister publication DeveloperTech reported about Google’s “Open Automotive Alliance” announcement; today AT&T have announced their own connected car platform.

The partnership is alongside industry heavyweights Ericsson, Amdocs, Jasper Wireless, Synchronoss and others to create...

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Will Google Glass be the 'killer app' for M2M? #TTW

TelecomsTech caught up with Pat Nash, managing director at InVMA, a partner of M2M and IoT solutions provider ThingWorx to discuss standardisation, Google Glass and how startups can get by in an increasingly competitive market

There are a few burning issues with machine to machine (M2M) communications before the mainstream boom hits; namely standardisation and partnerships.

Yet Pat Nash, managing director at InVMA, sees things differently.

"I don't think standardisation will necessarily help the industry, but...

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Samsung embarks on worldwide tour to promote a S-lifestyle

Everyone who regularly uses technology knows how convenient (and yet occasionally frustrating) a tight ecosystem can be - yes, just look at Apple’s iDevice and Mac line. These work together flawlessly… until you try to use another manufacturer.

This has two favourable advantages; firstly, you have full-control to create a great experience for customers. Secondly, it makes it frustrating for any customer to leave the ecosystem.

Samsung is looking to recreate the ‘i’ experience with...

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Tizen selects Nokia’s Here platform for location

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

The Tizen Association announced on Monday that it has selected Nokia’s Here maps platform to power the location elements of the Tizen mobile operating system.

This fills a major hole in Tizen’s offering and paves the way for the launch of the first Tizen handsets from Samsung, which we expect to arrive in 2014. Although the impact of the deal will ultimately rely on the success of Tizen, the selection of Here not only illustrates the growing...

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Deutsche Telekom launches M2M Developer Kits

In order to help promote M2M (Machine-to-Machine) development based in the cloud, vendor Deutsche Telekom is providing developer kits to get started.

TelecomsTech spoke to DT’s Ruslan Ismailov at Mobile World Congress back in February to discuss the telco’s M2M strategy going forward – and now we’re beginning to see some progress.

Consisting of an Arduino or a Cinterion board with a GSM chip, and of course a SIM card for access to the...

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How HTML5 is gaining momentum on mobile devices

Mobile devices with HTML5-compatible browsers will total 1.4 billion in 2013, following an annual increase of 87 percent, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. Although the installed base of this size represents a very potent market for mobile application developers, in practice the vast majority of them continue to choose the native app model over the web for their releases. "While some two years ago it still looked like 2013 could be the Year of Web App, it’s now looking like that this...

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Exploring smartphone and tablet apps growth in 2013

This year will provide an incremental lift for the savvy independent software developers that create apps mobile device users will crave. For the most successful developers, the upside opportunities for revenue growth is significant. The market continues to expand, with few signs of app saturation. The annual volume of smartphone app downloads will reach 56 billion in 2013, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. When comparing the performance of smartphone operating system (OS) platforms, ABI...

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Emerging markets call for mobile services from brands and operators

Marco Veremis, CEO of Upstream, reveals the advantages of looking to new markets for app developers and mobile services providers.

Mobile has been the hot topic for quite some years now especially with the smartphone revolution and constant developments from apps to mPayments.

But have we in the West reached that mobile milestone where the advancements and the monetisation opportunities have started to slow because consumers are nearly at saturation point?

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