YouTube borked for some Virgin Media users again, company stresses patience

Users of Virgin Media broadband have again been frustrated over the weekend as certain YouTube videos either buffer indefinitely or don’t begin to load at all.

According to users on the Virgin Media community forum, the problem also extends to the Google Play store, indicating an issue between Virgin and Google.

“It has been five days now, it’s becoming a joke”, wrote one commenter on the Virgin community forum. “I think I’m going to have to start looking into alternative...

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Internet users beat cable TV subscribers for the first time

It was only a matter of time before the internet killed the TV (star?) as we know it. Cable providers know it themselves and are doing all they can to transform themselves from their traditional revenue model to more dynamic and modern technology companies who embrace the internet and its possibilities rather than see it as a threat.

New research from Leichtman shows they are right to start making this shift as internet users beat cable subscribers for...

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Rural broadband boosts income and jobs, according to study

A team of researchers led by Brian Whitacre from Oklahoma State University has found that broadband access provides a significant economic lift to rural areas in America. Their report, which was released August 5th, took into account broadband, employment, and household income of counties with a population of less than 50,000 people.

The counties which at least 60% of households had a high-speed internet connection also had more income and a smaller growth in...

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Speak up to save your copper, or the DCMS will take it

Until recently, it was assumed the vast copper network which blankets the UK would start to see its way out as usage dwindles. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) released a document earlier this month entitled "Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy" which proposes the long-standing copper infrastructure is retired so that telecoms operators are incentivised to invest in other communication...

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Google backs $300 million Trans-Pacific high-speed internet cable between US and Japan

There's a Mountain View-based tech giant who has a love of speed and the internet, and they prefer it when they're together. The bulk of international internet communications is through a network of undersea fiber cables which link countries together and require significant investment to keep running and protected from the elements.

A new high-speed internet Trans-Pacific cable system (quite the mouthful) is due by Q2 2016 called "FASTER" and, naturally, has got the backing of Google. In addition to Google's...

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Opinion: Boris, stop talking about the mythical 5G. Let's roll-out Wi-FAR with its 64-mile radius

London's mayor spoke of his commitment to 5G this week, which is great, but I couldn't help but think we should stop talking about it – considering we don't even know what it is yet – and start putting technology into action which is readily available and could very well change how we connect to the internet in the "tech capital" he envisions…

Previously I lived in my parents' house...

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FCC chairman "deeply troubled" by Verizon's plans to manage speeds of data hogs

By Josh Long

A small fraction of Verizon Wireless’ 104.6 million retail connections have a tendency to hog bandwidth, prompting the company to manage the speeds of the top 5 percent of data users who subscribe to unlimited data plans.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler isn’t happy. In a letter Wednesday to Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead, Wheeler said he was “deeply troubled” by the wireless carrier’s earlier announcement that it plans to slow the data speeds of some customers beginning...

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Can quad-play take off in the UK?

Nowadays many homes take three services – Internet, landline and TV – from a single provider.  But the trend for a single provider to offer all four services – including mobile – is catching on in Europe and analysts believe the UK could be the next big growth territory for 'quad-play'. Iain Regan, Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, with customer management outsourcer Firstsource Solutions, considers what the impacts on the Telco industry might...

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Ring the Bell: Internet speed record set using XG-FAST

The brilliant researchers at Bell Labs have broken the broadband internet speed record by over eight times the previous holder - and it was all achieved over copper landlines. At 10 gigabits per second, Bell Labs' technology is 1,000 times faster than your typical broadband speeds.

It even leaves the fastest package available to consumers, Google Fiber, in the dust by over 10x quicker. The new technology is an extension of G-FAST by Bell Labs known as "XG-FAST" and gives broadband...

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Interview: Marston's pulls pints and pushes telecoms

Marston's is a leading pub chain in the UK who launched their own telecoms service around five years ago to significant cost-savings. TelecomsTech (TT) caught up with Operations Manager, Rob Derbyshire (RD), about their story so far and the technology they use to provide a reliable and connected experience for all their customers.

TT: Why did Marston's feel the need to start its own telecoms service?

RD: About five years ago we decided, when the recession was around, that one way of saving money was to...

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Mobile users set to top 8bn by 2019, but can we support them? (and their connected devices…)

Research and analyst firm, IDATE, has said the total number of mobile customers worldwide will exceed eight billion by the end of 2018. However research by SON (Self Optimising Network) solutions provider, Cellwize, says mobile operators could start seeing a failure rate upwards of 30% for IoT / M2M applications as a result of this network congestion.

IDATE has stated that the number of mobile users is set to grow by over 21% in the next five years, to hit eight billion by 2019. In the UK alone, the total number of mobile...

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Google to cover earth in Wi-Fi via $1 Billion+ worth of satellites

We’ve spoke previously about Google’s ambitious project to provide internet access in hard-to-reach locations, called ‘Project Loon’. Clearly not content with this, the company is looking to spend an expected minimum of $1 Billion on satellites to provide Earth-wide Wi-Fi for the masses.

Its rollout will consist of 180 “small, high-capacity satellites” which will orbit the Earth at a low altitude and be led by field...

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Google refuses “fast lanes” and you still think they’re evil?

A lot of people see Google as being what their “Don’t be evil” mantra says not to be. It’s easy to see why, after all, the company’s main revenue driver is advertising. Google wants to be everywhere whether it’s your mobile, your wrist, your face, your website, or even your internet service provider. However, if you participate in Google’s world domination, you’re rewarded handsomely with unparalleled services in a cohesive ecosystem like no other.

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AT&T’s $48.5 billion DirecTV bid is a blockbuster bet

Today’s big news within the telecoms industry is that of AT&T’s plans to purchase DirecTV in a deal worth over an eye-watering $48 billion. The merger will help AT&T become a leader in the mobile video space where latest research statistics points towards customers consuming more video than ever before on their mobile devices – something which is only set to increase.

Both companies combined will control around 26 million TV subscribers in the US and, if approved by...

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BT’s TV-driven success shows importance of understanding telco innovation

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst – Industry, Communications & Broadband

BT recently released its full-year 2013/14 results showing that strong growth in its Consumer division helped offset poor performance in its other divisions. The Consumer division grew its revenues by 4% in the year, bolstered by strong take-up of TV and broadband services and its fewest number of fixed line losses in five years.

The trigger for this success is evidently BT Sports, a £2bn gamble aimed at halting the loss of...

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Do drones improve or destroy the world's economies?

At some point you are likely to have played with a consumer drone – perhaps something like the Parrot AR with its fun video-recording capabilities? Or, if you follow the news, you will have at least heard about their contrasting and controversial usage within the military.

Drones are a hot topic, and an inevitable future, but are you aware of how they are completely revolutionising industries you perhaps wouldn’t initially think of?

Amazon is the most obvious example. The world’s...

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Tech giant coalition stands up to FCC for net neutrality

Some of the world’s biggest tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo, and eBay, have set their differences aside to form a coalition against a proposal the Federal Communications Commission has put forward which threatens net neutrality.

Net neutrality has been called “the free speech issue of our time” due to its importance to keep a steady balance between control and freedom. In an article Tuesday,

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Google Fiber reaches enviable 75% penetration in parts of Kansas

The gigabit broadband service from the world’s most recognisable web company, Google, is still in its relative infancy in terms of national roll-out – but it hasn’t stopped it from succeeding monumentally in areas where customers are benefitting early.

Bernstein Research is reporting that Google Fiber has reached a penetration of 75% in some neighbourhoods in Kansas – an uptake ‘to die for’ and unheard of by most service providers.

Google has changed the overbuild model...

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Network operator, Level 3, claims ISPs are dropping packets over money disputes

Level 3 is a network operator for some of the largest broadband networks. Last year TelecomsTech spoke to the company’s Director of Cloud services about infrastructure and in particular how it has a huge impact on gaming services…

The company has a range of products to ensure services are reliable and so gamers are not placed at a disadvantage up to competitors due to “lag” which causes a delay in-game. One of the...

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