Google to cover earth in Wi-Fi via $1 Billion+ worth of satellites

We’ve spoke previously about Google’s ambitious project to provide internet access in hard-to-reach locations, called ‘Project Loon’. Clearly not content with this, the company is looking to spend an expected minimum of $1 Billion on satellites to provide Earth-wide Wi-Fi for the masses.

Its rollout will consist of 180 “small, high-capacity satellites” which will orbit the Earth at a low altitude and be led by field...

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Google refuses “fast lanes” and you still think they’re evil?

A lot of people see Google as being what their “Don’t be evil” mantra says not to be. It’s easy to see why, after all, the company’s main revenue driver is advertising. Google wants to be everywhere whether it’s your mobile, your wrist, your face, your website, or even your internet service provider. However, if you participate in Google’s world domination, you’re rewarded handsomely with unparalleled services in a cohesive ecosystem like no other.

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AT&T’s $48.5 billion DirecTV bid is a blockbuster bet

Today’s big news within the telecoms industry is that of AT&T’s plans to purchase DirecTV in a deal worth over an eye-watering $48 billion. The merger will help AT&T become a leader in the mobile video space where latest research statistics points towards customers consuming more video than ever before on their mobile devices – something which is only set to increase.

Both companies combined will control around 26 million TV subscribers in the US and, if approved by...

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BT’s TV-driven success shows importance of understanding telco innovation

Emeka Obiodu, Principal Analyst – Industry, Communications & Broadband

BT recently released its full-year 2013/14 results showing that strong growth in its Consumer division helped offset poor performance in its other divisions. The Consumer division grew its revenues by 4% in the year, bolstered by strong take-up of TV and broadband services and its fewest number of fixed line losses in five years.

The trigger for this success is evidently BT Sports, a £2bn gamble aimed at halting the loss of...

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Do drones improve or destroy the world's economies?

At some point you are likely to have played with a consumer drone – perhaps something like the Parrot AR with its fun video-recording capabilities? Or, if you follow the news, you will have at least heard about their contrasting and controversial usage within the military.

Drones are a hot topic, and an inevitable future, but are you aware of how they are completely revolutionising industries you perhaps wouldn’t initially think of?

Amazon is the most obvious example. The world’s...

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Tech giant coalition stands up to FCC for net neutrality

Some of the world’s biggest tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo, and eBay, have set their differences aside to form a coalition against a proposal the Federal Communications Commission has put forward which threatens net neutrality.

Net neutrality has been called “the free speech issue of our time” due to its importance to keep a steady balance between control and freedom. In an article Tuesday,

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Google Fiber reaches enviable 75% penetration in parts of Kansas

The gigabit broadband service from the world’s most recognisable web company, Google, is still in its relative infancy in terms of national roll-out – but it hasn’t stopped it from succeeding monumentally in areas where customers are benefitting early.

Bernstein Research is reporting that Google Fiber has reached a penetration of 75% in some neighbourhoods in Kansas – an uptake ‘to die for’ and unheard of by most service providers.

Google has changed the overbuild model...

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Network operator, Level 3, claims ISPs are dropping packets over money disputes

Level 3 is a network operator for some of the largest broadband networks. Last year TelecomsTech spoke to the company’s Director of Cloud services about infrastructure and in particular how it has a huge impact on gaming services…

The company has a range of products to ensure services are reliable and so gamers are not placed at a disadvantage up to competitors due to “lag” which causes a delay in-game. One of the...

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Dispelling the myth of 'superfast' broadband

Ofcom recently launched its latest research into UK residential fixed broadband connections, claiming that one in four UK residential fixed broadband connections is “superfast”.

However, Ofcom also admits that the benefits are not shared evenly across the UK, with many people with slow or even no available broadband connection.

Indeed, the UK broadband coverage scene is a frustrating one, and full of broken promises from the major players. BT’s proud boast that they serve 70% of the...

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Ofcom shows Virgin Media is more super slow than “superfast” on upload speed

UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, released new research (PDF) today showing average UK broadband speeds across various ISPs. The comprehensive document gives clear insight into the positive direction of infrastructure.

Virgin Media, as expected, led download speeds with their “superfast” fibre offerings averaging above their advertised speeds. When it comes to upload, however, the speed is more super...

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Google’s Project Loon: 22 days around the world

Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg took 80 days to get around the world in a balloon – if only he could’ve hitched a ride on Google’s “Project Loon” which took 22 days to make the same trip around our big blue planet we call Earth.

Of course Google’s isn’t manned – nor is it to break records. It is part of an ambitious attempt to bring the internet to the masses via balloon.

We reported on Project Loon...

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Ofcom’s “most complained” broadband and Pay TV providers for Q4 2013

UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has published its quarterly review of the number of complaints received about broadband and pay TV providers.

In this article we will break-down the results by their designated areas; and see whether the providers have made positive steps towards reducing the amount of complaints across their services at a time where infrastructure is getting hit by increasing...

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Broadband speeds need further regulation, says Which?

We’ve all experienced less-than-desirable broadband speeds at some point – but what of those of us who are permanently stuck with our Mbps trickling along well-below the advertised rate? Long-standing consumer magazine, Which?, is calling for speeds to be guaranteed.

In fact based on a survey carried out on its behalf; 45% of customers suffer slow download speeds with over half of those experiencing slow speeds frequently or all of the time.

For an age somewhat reliant on constant...

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Virgin Media’s superfast broadband bolts to 152Mbps

In the latest set of free upgrades from the Liberty Global-owned Virgin Media; packages across the board have gained a significant boost. If you’re a current subscriber you’ll also enjoy these enhanced speeds completely gratis (free.)

The award-winning service gained four in 2013 from uSwitch for best broadband innovation, best broadband provider, best WiFi service, and fastest home broadband last year.

With closest rival BT Infinity’s packages topping out at 76Mbps; that last award looks...

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Outernet: Making internet access free

In the very near future, next year to be exact, a large-scale project - "Outernet" will go live. Having a similar name with a worldwide system, responsible for the access to web pages, the Outernet will be used for similar purposes. The main difference from the well-known Internet is that the Outernet is positioned as one of the first totally free wireless Wi-Fi  signal, which will be available to any inhabitant of our planet. And the source of the signal, as you might have guessed, is located in the...

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Virgin Media provides backhaul for Three’s 4G – Where could it leave Fibre Broadband?

This makes the third article in a week that TelecomsTech has published about UK network Three, and their rapid-push to hopefully rise from the UK’s smallest mobile operator title.

But our coverage is due; on Tuesday we wrote about a new partnership with the UK’s largest network, EE, resulting in the sharing of infrastructure and £1 billion ($1.63 billion) joint investment into the future.

On Wednesday, we wrote about the company’s surprising

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London’s burning with “fastest ever” broadband

In a partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and BT, speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were recorded during their joint testing on a 410km (255 mile) link between BT’s Tower in Central London and Ipswich.

Whilst it may be some time before consumers get to see the fruits of the companies’ efforts; it marks a breakthrough moment for ISPs.

Only yesterday, TelecomsTech reported on LTE-Advanced speeds...

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2014: The year of emerging market connectivity, open access and smart cities

It is traditional for analysts to end a given year with an assessment of the major trends in that year and predict what the next year will be like. This year we thought we’d do a bit of that ourselves and update you on some of the things you can expect from us in the coming months.

Broadband and politics, unhealthy bedfellows

Probably the most significant news of 2013 in the broadband space will remain as the partial collapse of the Australian NBN. A highly political project from the start, its...

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NETRA is the Indian NSA’s PRISM equivalent

If you thought the United States’ NSA (National Security Agency) was the only government agency with intrusive spying measures – you’d be wrong. Perhaps not wanting to run into the same kind of fire the US has; the Indian intelligence agencies appear to be more open about their efforts.

The project, known as NETRA (Network Traffic Analysis), will detect and capture any voice traffic which could be linked...

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Strand Consult: 2014 annus horribilis for telecom regulation

Amid the talk of IT growth in 2014, here’s a grim prediction for the coming year: Strand Consult predicts this year to be an “annus horribilis” for the telecom regulation industry.

In its yearly mobile telecom roundup note, the analyst firm has called out Europe as the problem area compared to the “strong leadership” of the US, adding that privacy, data protection and net neutrality...

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