Trouble may be brewing at HTC, or are we overhyping?

There could be trouble at Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, according to The Verge.

Amongst staff departures, production failures, and the recent disastrous launch of the “First” Facebook there actually trouble, or are we putting the nail in the coffin too early?


HTC had a rollercoaster of a first quarter, with a highlight being the release of arguably the best...

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A year on from its IPO, Facebook must work hard to keep users engaged

May 2013 marks Facebook’s first year as a public company and the publication of its 1Q13 results. It is a fitting time to assess the social network’s progress since its frenzied IPO, and to identify the key challenges it needs to address.

Facebook has made solid if not spectacular progress over the last 12 months, with mobile proving its biggest success. However, a closer look at the service initiatives and investments undertaken during this period reveals a more uneven picture. Although its...

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Analyst says Samsung is “tail wagging the dog” as Droid profits creamed

It’s common knowledge Samsung is Android’s biggest player – just this month shipping 10 million of the South Korean giant’s latest ‘S4’ flagship – but just how much does the hardware manufacturer take away from Android?

According to Neil Mawston at Strategy Analytics; Samsung holds 41% of the...

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Dell profits take hit as consumers drop PCs

The market is changing as consumers move towards mobile devices to perform most of their daily tasks; many simply have no need for a PC, and OEM manufacturer Dell is just one company feeling this switch.

In the first quarter profits have dropped down to $130 million, with total revenues dropping 2% over the past year, now at $14.07 billion.

Revenues from its end-user computing segment slumped 9%; whilst operating profits tumbled 16%.

Many would argue PCs are still a necessity, and they are; there are still...

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Virtual Coins – what will this mean for the payments space?

Forget £, $, €, or the whole host of other international currencies, the new kid on the block is virtual currencies; which live on the web and in our virtual wallets.

The latest to launch is Amazon Coins; used for app, game, and in-app purchases on Amazon’s app store.


But what are the advantages over standard currency? The main benefit for consumers is discounts. 100 “coins” on Amazon is equivalent to $1, whereas 500 will cost $4.80 (a 4% saving) with more gift cards...

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SpotXchange achieves significant growth as expansion drives digital advertising


DENVER - SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of digital video ad inventory, announced an exceptional 2012 for the company as it delivered record-breaking revenue and ad impression growth. SpotXchange’s success and revenue growth of 69 percent in 2012 was due in part to the company’s leadership in programmatic selling of online video advertising, expanded strategic partnerships and international growth. As the advertising marketplace evolves and advances due to greater innovation like programmatic buying and selling of digital video, SpotXchange is primed for continued rapid growth on the heels of a very successful 2012. In fact, already in 2013, SpotXchange has...

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How a call center translation service went mainstream

Virtually everything in our lives has gotten more expensive over the years; such as housing, cars, postage stamps, food and energy. Yet telecommunications and broadband service costs continue to plummet. This state of affairs is in-part due to Moore’s Law and a side benefit of the lowering connectivity costs has been bringing the world closer together. In the nineties you could bankrupt yourself quite easily if you direct-dialed from one country to another yet today IP communications has lowered the...

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150 million tablets are forecast to ship in 2013

The convenience and mobility benefits afforded by media tablets are very apparent, given the results from record unit shipments and revenues that were reported by vendors in 2012. In 2013, approximately 150 million tablets (up by 38 percent year-over-year) are forecast to ship globally worth an estimated $64 billion (up by 28 percent from 2012) in potential end-user revenues, according to the latest market study by ABI Research. So far, Apple has reigned since the introduction of its iPad in 2010, though...

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Why marketing is still problematic for 4G operators

The development of personal broadband and mobile broadband applications are being enabled by the next generation wireless broadband technologies -- such as WiFi (802.11ac - 802.11ad), LTE and LTE-A (LTE Advanced). According to the latest market study by Juniper Research, 4G LTE revenues are set to grow rapidly, reaching more than $340 billion by 2017 globally, that's compared to just over $75 billion in 2013. This latest growth will represent approximately 31 percent of total service revenues from all mobile network services of...

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Is Apple still too sexy for #MWC?

In deciding not to exhibit at the Macworld events, CES and MWC, Apple has shown the world that it doesn’t need others to be successful. It can control the conversation far better when it holds its own press conferences which are invitation-only by design.

While this philosophy was very successful for a number of years, what Apple didn’t count on was...

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2013 vertical outlook: Industry CIOs are your constituents now

By David Molony, Principal Analyst, EnterpriseIn an end-of-year interview with Marketing magazine, Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP and head spokesperson for the global advertising industry, declared that “CIOs are our constituents now.” To media agencies aiming to get their messages to the consumer on behalf of their clients, corporate telecoms networks and delivery technologies are as important as the campaign creative teams that formulate the messages in the first place. The CIO has joined the CMO in viewing...

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Has NFC got a new ticker?

When I was little I used to get gifts from my parents like most kids in my age, mostly toys. Being very secretive with my toys I‘d never share them with anyone except my sister; we’d play in the garden surrounding the house, also acting as a shield, blocking access to those trying to see what was happening inside. Except being secretive with my toys, my sister was bored very easily, especially with toys for boys.

One day, I received a freesbie as an ‘end of school’ present; the...

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When perfection does matter

While we often argue against the need for perfection, there is definitely a time and a place when it's required and any discussion about TELCOs should at least try to recognise this.

Although today we see many services as non-essential, just useful and, possibly, fun, it's easy to forget that TELCO networks deliver some fundamental services that can have a critical role to play in our lives.


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Are You Ready for the Identity Economy?

With Facebook’s value being pegged around 100 billion dollars; it is easy to see why many are calling identity the new oil of the internet. And one company, UnboundID is looking to become the leader in this bold new frontier which they call the identity economy.

By allowing companies to buy, sell, trade and leverage customer information the company allows their customers to combine this information with others in order to add value to themselves as well as end users.

An example of this concept in action...

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How Online Video Content Drives Sales Effectiveness

comScore and EXPO released the results of a study on the synergy of professionally-produced video content and related amateur video used in marketing campaigns. The study evaluated an actual campaign that included a combination of a professionally-produced “how to” video and a user-generated product video that was created and submitted by a product user. The results of the study indicate that professionally-produced video content and user-generated product videos are complementary, driving higher levels of sales effectiveness when used together. “This study aimed to answer a critical question for today’s digital...

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Consumers Using Social Media for Customer Service

Call centers must address their customer's changing channel preferences and improve first contact resolution on the web -- in both emerging and developed countries -- according to the latest market study by Ovum. To help understand how adoption of social media and smartphones is evolving, Ovum conducted a survey of over 4,000 consumers across four developed countries (the US, the UK, France, and Germany) and four emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). In a new report the market research firm outlined the survey results, including the ways in which consumers are using social media for customer service across these regions. "Web savvy...

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