Databricks unveils AI-powered intelligence platform for telcos

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Data and AI company Databricks has launched a new unified data and AI platform tailored specifically for telcos.

The Data Intelligence Platform for Communications offers communication service providers (CSPs) a comprehensive foundation for their data and AI requirements. It enables them to obtain a holistic view of their networks, operations, and customer interactions without compromising data privacy or confidential intellectual property.

Built on an open lakehouse architecture, Databricks’ platform integrates cutting-edge data management, governance, and data sharing functionalities with enterprise-ready generative AI and machine learning tools.

“Capgemini has successfully implemented Databricks architecture for our telecommunication clients, facilitating data-driven decisions across customer care, network, field operations, and many more business domains,” said Pankaj Kaul, Insights and Data Leader (Telecommunication, Media, Technology, and Digital) at Capgemini.

“Lakehouse architecture can play a pivotal role in building a highly scalable data and analytics platform to unlock significant value, perform comprehensive network coverage analysis, improve customer experience, and adapt to the ever-changing telecommunications landscape.”

Amid a period of substantial transformation in the communications industry, characterised by a surge in global traffic and escalating demands for higher quality services and customer experiences, Databricks aims to empower organisations to navigate these dynamics effectively.

Early adopters of the Data Intelligence Platform include industry leaders like AT&T, leveraging the platform to enhance operational efficiencies and protect customers from fraud.

“With the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, we’re unifying data and AI to drive more innovation, enrich our products, and develop new capabilities for our customers,” explained Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer at AT&T. 

“Combining the lakehouse architecture with generative AI also helps us democratise data and AI across our organisation while maintaining a ‘single source of truth.’ We’ve created an enterprise-wide environment in which tens of thousands of employees interact with AI tools to make data-driven decisions that better serve our customers.“

Some of the platform’s key features and capabilities include:

  • Improving customer experience: CSPs can use a unified view of customer data, including structured and unstructured data, to enhance customer experiences and reduce churn.
  • Unified governance and compliance: Databricks Unity Catalog ensures seamless governance of all data types, ML models, notebooks, dashboards, and files on any cloud.
  • Open collaboration: Leveraging Delta Sharing, the platform enables open and secure data collaboration, allowing CSPs to collaborate with partners in real-time without the need for expensive proprietary technology.

Additionally, the Data Intelligence Platform includes pre-built data and AI solutions to address high-value industry use cases. These packaged accelerators cover areas such as large language models for customer support, telco network analytics, geospatial analytics to identify fraud, and customer entity resolution.

“The need for a modern and unified data analytics and AI platform has never been greater,” said Steve Sobel, Global Industry Leader for Communications, Media, and Entertainment at Databricks.

“It seamlessly creates avenues for CSPs to personalise, monetise, and innovate to decrease churn, improve service, and create new revenue streams.”

(Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash)

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