Yamina Kelm, Deutsche Telekom: Enabling innovation at the edge

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In an interview at Edge Computing Expo Europe, Yamina Kelm, Product Manager for Edge Computing at Deutsche Telekom, shed light on how edge computing is transforming the telecoms giant’s approach to delivering faster and more reliable services to its customers.

Kelm explained that Deutsche Telekom’s edge computing offering allows customers to leverage their edge data centres, effectively offloading processing power. This approach has given rise to a new ecosystem of use cases characterised by low latency, high security, and scalability, all supported by the company’s core strengths in connectivity and network infrastructure.

One of the key benefits of edge computing for telcos is the transition from being pure connectivity providers to becoming platforms for digital transformation. Telcos have earned the trust of their customers over the years, and this transition allows them to maintain these vital relationships while driving innovation and digitisation.

The integration of edge computing also opens doors to new possibilities that were previously unattainable. Lower latency, a hallmark of edge computing, enables applications like video analytics and machine-to-machine communication to thrive. These advancements, although not entirely new, gain new dimensions and scalability through edge computing.

AI is, of course, another buzzworthy topic in the tech world. By offloading AI processing to the edge cloud, Deutsche Telekom positions itself as a critical enabler in the AI industry’s growth.

“We can be a big enabler in this emerging industry of AI,” explains Kelm. “We are the optimum partner to provide the underlay, which is the connectivity and the edge cloud.”

The general use cases being explored by Deutsche Telekom are primarily driven by customer demand. One notable example discussed is the automated checkout process in retail stores. The concept involves customers entering and exiting grocery stores without physical contact, relying on smartphones for item scanning and payment.

While this vision for smart retail represents a significant step towards digital transformation, Kelm acknowledges the need for a gradual transition to accommodate all demographics and ensure that no-one is left behind.

“I just had a very nice discussion here with the people from Arctos Labs. They did a case study with regard to how can edge computing reduce costs for customers,” said Kelm.

“By keeping the traffic in the network – and not crossing any network borders, offloading, processing to clouds – they figured out that customers can actually save up to 20 percent of costs if they do not go for the typical cloud solutions.”

Looking ahead, Kelm sees emerging trends in edge computing, particularly the rise of federated edges. Telcos are increasingly exploring ways to collaborate with other operators to create international edge footprints, enhancing the overall network’s capabilities while optimising costs.

Security remains paramount in the age of edge computing. Deutsche Telekom is dedicated to safeguarding both the network and the platforms it offers.

Kelm acknowledged the importance of partnerships with security and application layers experts, recognising that telcos cannot excel in every domain and must collaborate to ensure comprehensive protection.

“I’ve seen many cool exhibitions here at the expo, where different companies find very creative ways to protect the application layer or the platform layer. And I think that’s something where telcos definitely need to learn and grow with their partners,” explains Kelm. 

“We are the experts in the network business. Besides that, we look for strong partners in the industry.”

As Deutsche Telekom continues to evolve into a telco-as-a-platform, the synergy between connectivity and edge computing stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering innovative, secure, and reliable services to its customers.

You can watch our full interview with Yamina Kelm below:

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