AT&T is all-in on Nvidia’s AI solutions

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AT&T is tapping Nvidia’s expertise in artificial intelligence across its operations.

As the gatekeepers of our communications, telcos have access to vast amounts of information. The 590PB of data that AT&T process on a typical day is equivalent to around 6.5 million 4K movies.

However, turning all of this data into actionable insights can pose a serious challenge.

AT&T will use Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software suite to enhance its data processing. The cloud-native solution features over 50 frameworks to streamline the development and deployment of production AI.

Nvidia says AT&T is the first telco to explore a full suite of the company’s AI offerings.

“We strive each day to deliver the most efficient global network, as we drive towards net zero emissions in our operations,” said Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer at AT&T.

“Working with NVIDIA to drive AI solutions across our business will help enhance experiences for both our employees and customers.”

AT&T has pledged to become carbon-neutral by 2035. Doing so, while providing a high-performance network, is no small task.

Nvidia RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark was the first of the computing giant’s AI solutions adopted by AT&T.

The solution enables AT&T to capitalise on energy-efficient GPUs across its AI and data science pipelines and boost operational efficiency across everything from training AI models and maintaining network quality to reducing customer churn and improving fraud detection.

AT&T reports around a 50 percent reduction in its cloud computing spend for data and AI pipelines targeted with the accelerator.

Elsewhere, AT&T is harnessing cuOpt to enable real-time vehicle routing and optimisation.

“Routing requires trillions of computations to factor in a variety of factors, from traffic and weather conditions to customer change of plans or a technician’s skill level, where a complicated job might then require an additional truck roll,” explains Nvidia.

Trials of cuOpt delivered solutions in 10 seconds compared to over 16 minutes performing the same computation on x86 CPUs. Furthermore, it achieved a 40 percent reduction in cloud costs.

Further proving AT&T is all-in on Nvidia, the telco is even adopting Omniverse ACE and Tokkio to deploy interactive avatars that see, perceive, intelligently converse and provide recommendations to enhance the customer service experience.

“Industries are embracing a new era in which chatbots, recommendation engines, and accelerated libraries for data optimization help produce AI-driven innovations,” commented Manuvir Das, VP of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA.

“Our work with AT&T will help the company better mine its data to drive new services and solutions for the AI-powered telco.”

AT&T says it’s currently exploring other use cases for digital twins and generative AI.

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