Capgemini highlights telcos’ generative AI interest

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Generative AI is gaining significant attention in the telecom industry, with 97 percent of surveyed companies indicating its presence on their boardroom agendas.

The statistic comes from Capgemini, which surveyed 1,000 organisations – including 10 percent from the telecom sector – focused on exploring the use cases and potential impacts of generative AI.

Franck Greverie, Chief Portfolio Officer and Group Executive Board Member at Capgemini., said:

“Generative AI is a transformational force for innovation in organisations, accelerating industry-specific use cases to create value, and it’s no surprise that it’s already at the top of the agenda of virtually every large organisation.

While generative AI can enable numerous benefits for businesses and employees alike, adopting a human-centric approach while scaling the technology and implementing necessary guidelines will be key to fostering trust in the workplace.”

While 69 percent of telecom executives believe that the benefits of generative AI outweigh potential risks, only 12 percent anticipate significant disruption in their industry. In comparison, industries like high-tech and industrial manufacturing demonstrate higher levels of anticipation for disruption, with 53 percent and 48 percent of executives respectively sharing this viewpoint.

Telecom companies are already actively exploring the applications of generative AI.

Among the respondents in the telecom sector, 36 percent have dedicated teams and budgets for exploring generative AI, while 47 percent are in the early stages of exploration, and 49 percent have initiated pilot projects. However, only a small percentage, 4 percent, have enabled generative AI capabilities in specific functions or locations.

One prominent area where generative AI is being piloted in the telecom sector is call centre analytics. For instance, Orange is collaborating with Google Cloud to test generative AI’s ability to transcribe calls, summarise customer interactions, and suggest follow-up actions. 

The IT domain is also considered promising for the adoption of generative AI. Around 71 percent of telecom companies surveyed plan to use or are already using generative AI in IT-related applications. These include generating synthetic data, optimising IT service delivery, and automating the generation and completion of data tables.

Telecom executives express enthusiasm for the potential of generative AI in programming, with benefits such as faster production of higher-quality code. Generative AI can assist developers by creating code based on natural language prompts, completing partially written code, and facilitating translation between coding languages.

The broader sentiment across various sectors is that generative AI can free up employees from routine tasks, enabling them to focus on more strategic aspects of their jobs. Both consumers and executives, encompassing 70 percent of respondents in each category, believe that generative AI can enhance work efficiency.

“As businesses accelerate their generative AI journeys, they must prioritise implementing it sustainably across the organisation,” concludes Greverie.

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