Wildanet awarded £36M to connect thousands of rural premises

Wildanet awarded £36M to connect thousands of rural premises
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Cornwall-based provider Wildanet has been awarded £36 million by the UK government to connect thousands of rural premises.

The contracts will enable Wildanet to deliver fast broadband connectivity to left behind communities in Cornwall. Up to 19,250 homes and businesses are set to be connected.

Helen Wylde, CEO of Wildanet, said:

“This is great news for remote communities in Cornwall as we continue to connect Cornwall’s homes and businesses to full fibre broadband in non-urban areas, with the economic and social transformation that brings.

The funding from the government will help to breathe new life into Cornwall’s rural communities and give people access to the opportunities that gigabit broadband provides. It will also send out a positive signal to remote communities across the country who, to date, do not have the broadband connectivity to benefit from the digital age that many of us now take for granted in our daily lives.

Wildanet undertakes to deliver on this project using the public funds provided through these awards as a key player for Cornwall, by Cornwall, and of Cornwall. We passionately believe that the funding provided by DCMS for these two vitally important infrastructure projects will assist Cornwall in growing its economy, connecting more people and businesses, and democratising digital services so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities that they present.”

The contracts have been awarded to Wildanet under the government’s £5 billion ‘Project Gigabit’ scheme.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez commented:

“From Tintagel to Tredavoe, we are investing millions of pounds to connect almost 20,000 homes and businesses across Cornwall to lightning-fast broadband. This will generate growth and opportunity for people in the region’s rural communities.

The move is part of the government’s flagship £5 billion Project Gigabit programme to spread fast, reliable, and fit for the future broadband to rural and remote communities in the UK.”

The additional funding will join the existing more than £50 million that Wildanet is investing to bring ultrafast broadband to properties across Cornwall and Devon.

Wildanet says its 10Gbps network is capable of speeds up to 100 times faster than the national average.

(Image Credit: Wildanet)

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