Juniper Research: 5G revenue to hit $625B by 2027

Juniper Research: 5G revenue to hit $625B by 2027
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A report from Juniper Research suggests that operators will generate $625 billion from 5G services by 2027.

If the forecast is correct, it would mean that – in just four years – operators will enjoy over double the $310 billion revenue they’re expected to generate from 5G services in 2023.

The rapid growth will lead to 5G accounting for around 80 percent of operators’ revenue by 2027. The increased revenue will result in operators seeing a clear return on the investments made in their 5G networks.

Juniper expects eSIMs to drive global cellular data traffic by over 180 percent between 2023 and 2027. More device manufacturers and consumers will opt to use the flexibility provided by 5G networks over fixed broadband.

Research author Frederick Savage commented:

“eSIM-capable devices will drive significant growth in cellular data, as consumers leverage cellular networks for use cases that have historically used fixed networks. 

Operators must ensure that networks, including 5G and upcoming 6G networks, are future‑proofed by implementing new technologies across the entirety of networks.”

On the subject of 6G, Juniper has identified some key technologies it believes must be adopted in future networks. The report’s authors recommend that NTNs (Non‑terrestrial Networks) and sub-1THz frequency bands are put “at the centre” of initial trials.

Because of the large investment costs required for the use of satellites for NTNs and the acquisition of high-frequency spectrum, Juniper recommends the telecoms industry form partnerships with NTN connectivity experts to help lower their 6G rollout costs.

A full copy of the report can be found here (paywall)

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