Web3 project Helium Mobile launches $5/month unlimited plan

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Helium Mobile, the “People’s Carrier,” aims to disrupt the telecoms industry with its unlimited plan.

Helium Mobile’s no-contract $5/month plan is initially launching in Miami and offers unlimited talk, text, and data. This disruptive offering comes as a result of Helium Mobile’s innovative approach, making use of Dynamic Coverage.

Dynamic Coverage enables subscribers to access both the localised Helium network – run by a global network of individuals who are rewarded with crypto for their contributions – in addition to T-Mobile, the largest 5G network in the US.

By harnessing the power of a decentralised people-powered network, Helium Mobile has managed to substantially lower operational costs—enabling them to deliver reliable nationwide service with unmatched pricing.

Amir Haleem, CEO and co-founder of Helium-creator Nova Labs, said:

“As a critical service, mobile connectivity should be accessible to all.

Helium Mobile is redefining the industry with high-quality service at ground-breaking prices, using Dynamic Coverage to connect subscribers to the Helium Network.”

The Helium community has rapidly expanded the open-source mobile network, with deployments now spanning more than 1,500 cities in the United States alone.

Miami, with its vibrant Helium Network and significant Web3 development presence, was voted by community members as the ideal city to experience Helium Mobile and its $5 plan.

Boris Renski, Wireless GM at Nova Labs, commented:

“Miami is the ideal launching point for Helium Mobile because of the existing vibrant Helium Network and as the home of immense crypto development.

It only makes sense that Helium Mobile develops its ground-breaking service in the City of Miami to demonstrate the potential of a people-powered network.”

Starting today, Miami residents can sign up for the Helium Mobile $5 Unlimited Plan at hellohelium.com/miami.

Helium’s mobile plans will soon expand to other metropolitan markets later this year. To find out when Helium Mobile will be available in your city, interested individuals can sign up for the waitlist at hellohelium.com/waitlist.

Helium has regularly been cited as an example of a Web3 project with clear advantages in an industry that’s often struggled to market its benefits to consumers over centralised alternatives. However, the project has not been without its controversies.

Helium controversies

Helium has come under fire for alleged misleading partnerships. Haleem was forced to address Helium removing Lime and Salesforce from its users list after the companies denied having current partnerships:

Critics also argue that the network’s insistence on users purchasing expensive CBRS-equipped hotspots – with their limited range and availability – undermines the claim of reliable coverage.

Security and privacy concerns have also cast a shadow on the Helium Mobile offering. The company claims to employ secure networks, interfaces, and data protection measures for its 5G and IoT networks, yet specifics about these measures and data-sharing practices remain undisclosed.

Given the susceptibility of IoT devices to hacking, interception, or spoofing due to inherent vulnerabilities, questions about Helium Mobile’s data security protocols persist. Weak or hardcoded passwords, insecure protocols, and outdated encryption methods in IoT devices further raise concerns among cybersecurity experts.

Helium Mobile’s decision not to accept cryptocurrency payments has also been viewed as inconsistent with its vision of a “people-powered” network.

The launch of Helium Mobile marks a significant juncture in the telecom industry, disrupting traditional models while raising vital questions about its network and data security. As the service takes its first steps in Miami, its ability to navigate and resolve these controversies will shape its journey towards reshaping mobile connectivity.

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