Qualcomm achieves record-breaking 5G downlink

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Qualcomm has shattered previous downlink records with its Snapdragon X75 5G Modem-RF System.

Using sub-6 GHz spectrum, Qualcomm achieved an incredible 7.5 Gbps downlink speed. The triumph builds upon the unveiling of the world’s first 5G Advanced-ready modem-RF system, the Snapdragon X75, which was initially introduced at MWC Barcelona in February. 

The record-breaking feat was accomplished through rigorous testing on a 5G Standalone (5G SA) network configuration.

A total of 300 MHz of spectrum was harnessed for the achievement, employing 4x carrier aggregation (4xCA) in conjunction with 4 TDD channels—all within a single downlink connection. Additionally, the implementation of 1024 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) further amplified this achievement.

The aggregation of 4 TDD channels empowers network operators to amalgamate their diverse spectrum resources, resulting in substantially elevated data rates. The integration of 1024 QAM enhances spectral efficiency by enabling the transmission of greater data quantities per transmission compared to the conventional 256 QAM, leading to improved data throughput and heightened spectrum efficiency.

These capabilities – along with the Snapdragon X75’s other innovations – pave the way for enriched user experiences, faster download speeds, augmented network capacity, and heightened spectrum efficiency. X75 empowers devices to effortlessly handle demanding data applications such as high-quality video streaming and downloads, online gaming, and more, rendering seamless experiences for a larger user base.

Sunil Patil, VP of Product Management at Qualcomm, said:

“Snapdragon X75 5G Modem-RF System is the smartest wireless modem we have ever created and is designed for the future with a 5G Advanced-ready architecture made to help operators define the next generation of networks around the world.

We look forward to continuing to work with industry leaders to power the best-in-class connectivity experiences and transform industries across consumer, enterprise and industrial use cases.”

Currently undergoing customer sampling, the Snapdragon X75 is projected to debut in commercial devices during the latter half of 2023.

(Photo by Bofu Shaw on Unsplash)

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