Vodafone is now the UK’s largest full-fibre provider

Vodafone is now the UK’s largest full-fibre provider
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Vodafone has become the UK’s largest provider of full-fibre broadband.

Full-fibre is up to 25 times faster than copper broadband and five times more reliable. Vodafone’s full-fibre services are now available to over eight million homes—more than TalkTalk, Sky, BT, and Virgin Media.

Broadband provider (consumer sales)Number of premises Full Fibre (FTTP or FTTH) is available at
Virgin Media1,104,862

Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said:

“During the current cost of living crisis, we want consumers to know there is no need to pay too much for an equivalent broadband product and we urge them to take a look around to get the best price possible.

Most major broadband providers, including Vodafone, offer the same Openreach service so customers can switch their broadband and often save hundreds of pounds.”

Consumer watchdog Which? recently named Vodafone the best performing large broadband provider for customer satisfaction, beating BT, Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media on value for money, reliability, and customer service.

“As Vodafone now offers Full Fibre to 8m homes, more than anyone else, more families than ever before can get the most reliable broadband technology at an affordable price from a brand they know and trust,” added Taylor.

Vodafone is among the few UK providers to offer a hybrid broadband solution that automatically switches to using a mobile signal during a fibre outage.

In November 2021, Vodafone announced a partnership with CityFibre. Vodafone is CityFibre’s anchor customer, making long-term, volume commitments across CityFibre’s entire rollout as part of its £4bn investment programme.

The partnership with CityFibre joins Vodafone’s existing arrangement with CityFibre. Vodafone says the agreements show the company’s support for encouraging wholesale infrastructure competition and expanding full-fibre availability.

(Image Credit: Vodafone)

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