Juniper Research: 5G will account for 77% of operator revenue by 2026

Juniper Research: 5G will account for 77% of operator revenue by 2026
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Analysts from Juniper Research forecast that 5G will account for 77 percent of global operator revenues by 2026.

The analysts found that 5G service revenue will reach $600 billion by 2026.

Despite the ongoing chip shortage, Juniper claims that 5G adoption has been driven by strong uptake of capable devices and “attractive” subscription pricing models.

Charles Bowman, co-author of the research, commented:

“Device vendors are capitalising on faster networks to add mobile connectivity to new consumer devices, and operators must respond by enabling users to access 5G across multiple devices under a single subscription; allowing subscribers to conveniently manage data.”

5G adoption will support exponential growth in data consumption over the coming years.

The researchers predict that cellular data will grow from 720 exabytes in 2021 to an incredible 2,900 exabytes by 2026—an increase of 300 percent over just five years.

Demand for data will be driven through 5G adoption and substantial growth in cellular IoT devices.

By 2026, Juniper predicts the number of cellular IoT devices will reach six billion. If the forecast is correct, the number of cellular IoT devices will exceed the number of global smartphones for the first time.

A full copy of the research can be found here (paywall)

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