Nokia Deepfield finds most DDoS attacks originate from under 50 hosting companies

Nokia Deepfield finds most DDoS attacks originate from under 50 hosting companies
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Research from the network intelligence experts at Nokia Deepfield has found that the majority of DDoS attacks originate from fewer than 50 hosting companies.

The researchers analysed a large sample of networks and traced the origins of most DDoS attacks (by frequency and traffic volume).

Nokia Deepfield undertook the research following its observation that DDoS traffic increased 40-50 percent following the implementation of COVID-19 lockdown measures. Since then, the intensity, frequency, and sophistication of the attacks has increased further.

The “high watermark levels” of DDoS daily peaks has increased by 100 percent from 1.5 Tbps in January 2020 to over 3 Tbps in May 2021.

The need for robust connectivity has never been more apparent than over the past year—unfortunately, that’s something which cybercriminals have taken advantage of with increased prevalences of DDoS attacks and malware.

Dr Craig Labovitz, CTO of Nokia Deepfield, said:

“It is equally important for every participant in the network security ecosystem – end users, vendors, service providers, cloud builders, regulators, and governments – to understand the dangers DDoS poses to the availability of internet content, applications, and critical connectivity services.

With this knowledge and a community commitment to solving the DDoS problem, we can go a long way towards making our networks, services, and subscribers more secure.”

Nokia recently enhanced its Deepfield Defender solution to help keep up with rapidly-advancing and evolving attacks. The solution can scale to petabyte-levels and facilitates agile mitigation of volumetric DDoS attacks at the network edge.

“We take a unique approach in leveraging the combined power of high-performance IP networks and big data analytics to protect the network on all fronts from all volumetric DDoS attacks, at petabit scale, without lifting a hand,” added Dr Labovitz.

“It will allow network operators to make a big leap towards improving overall security and availability of their networks and services for all their customers.”

(Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash)

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