5G smartphone sales revenue will grow 210% over the next four years

5G smartphone sales revenue will grow 210% over the next four years
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Revenue from 5G smartphone sales is expected to increase by 210 percent over the next four years.

A study from Juniper Research suggests that 5G smartphones will account for over 50 percent of sales revenue by 2025.

5G smartphone sales revenue for 2021 is expected to reach $108 billion and increase to $337 billion in 2025.

Newly-introduced ‘right-to-repair’ laws – designed to help tackle environmental waste and make it cheaper for customers to keep their existing devices – are expected to limit revenue over the long-term.

Research author Adam Wears commented:

“The effect of these laws will not be felt initially, as consumers adopt 5G smartphones to leverage the high speeds and reduced latency of 5G networks.

Hardware vendors must use this opportunity to build out new device capabilities to encourage consumers to continue regularly upgrading and avoid churn to competitors.

The report expects global Android smartphone prices will be 65 percent lower than iOS counterparts by 2025. This lower cost of Android devices will likely lead to Android 5G smartphone sales dominating in regions like Latin America.

In contrast, the research predicts the popularity of iOS devices in developed markets will continue and 40 percent of global 5G smartphone revenue attributable to North America and Europe by 2025.

The full research can be found here (paywall)

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