How telcos in New Zealand are transforming to become fully-fledged digital services providers

Telecoms providers in New Zealand are transitioning themselves to become providing digital services, according to a new research note from IDC.

The findings, which appear in the analyst firm’s report ‘Telco Wars: A New Hope’, argue citizens can expect a wide range of digital products and services from these providers going forward.

The retail price tracking from IDC shows that the average price of a typical unlimited fibre connection, which has an upload speed of 100Mps download / 20 Mbps, has fallen to NZD 83.25 per month. Retailers such as Spark are Vodafone are offering free months or account credit when customers sign up, and inclusive of these deals, the price falls to NZD 68.40 per month.

Monica Collier, IDC research anager, says the ongoing retail competition meant the telecommunication industry expected market consolidation a year ago, however, they are now leaning towards partnerships.

"We have seen Vocus and Vodafone partner to unbundle fibre, while Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees formed the Rural Connectivity Group,” said Collier. “Telcos are partnering at an infrastructure level to achieve goals with economy of scale, but are still competing at a retail level.”

If this is done properly, IDC argues, 5G and fibre unbundling are two key enablers that will quickly shift the traditional connectivity towards digital services.

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