T-Mobile’s latest ‘Uncarrier’ move is to help un-screw the planet

T-Mobile has pledged to use 100 percent renewable energy in support of Green America’s "Hang Up on Fossil Fuels" campaign. Furthermore, the ‘Uncarrier’ has committed $500,000 to a clean energy non-profit.

Green America’s campaign was launched in 2017 and focuses its efforts on reducing the huge amounts of energy consumption by telecommunications providers. According to the campaign page, the industry contributes 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

For perspective, the energy consumption of telecommunications companies is comparable to the entire aviation industry.

According to Green America, T-Mobile’s pledge to switch to 100 percent renewable energy by 2021 has ‘raised the bar’ for the industry. Naturally, outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere has used the opportunity to issue a challenge to his rivals.

Legere posted a video calling on people to grab the attention of AT&T and Verizon’s CEOs — Randall Stephenson, and Lowell McAdam. If one of his two rivals commits to 100 percent renewable energy by June 1st, T-Mobile will increase its donation by $100,000.

The real prize, however, would be to get both carriers to commit — in which case, T-Mobile will raise the amount to $1.5 million.

Todd Larsen, Executive Co-Director of Consumer and Corporate Engagement at Green America, says:

"This is a game-changer within the telecom industry, which has lagged behind other sectors in making commitments to clean energy.

T-Mobile is making it clear that it is entirely possible for telecom companies, with their massive energy use, to make a 100 percent clean energy commitment. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint should all make similar commitments."

In his video, Legere claims Verizon and AT&T consume enough energy to power 2.6 million homes. Despite this staggering amount of consumption, just one percent comes from renewable sources.

Beth Porter, Program Director for Green America, comments:

"Consumers who care about the climate now have an environmentally conscious option when choosing a cell phone provider. They can support a company that is making an unprecedented 100 percent clean energy commitment.

People should not have to choose between using their phones to text and tweet, and protecting the planet. If T-Mobile's announcement helps move the entire industry to 100% renewable energy, we won't have to make that choice."

While the announcement is clearly designed to generate some good publicity as well as being a philanthropic effort, it’s good to see T-Mobile taking a stand against unsustainable energy consumption.

Do you think T-Mobile’s rivals should commit to renewable energy? Let us know in the comments.

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