Legere: T-Mobile will leapfrog ‘Dumb and Dumber’ rivals in deploying 5G

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has claimed the carrier will leapfrog its ‘Dumb and Dumber’ rivals to be first to deploy a 5G network across the US.

T-Mobile is the third largest mobile network in the US with over 70 million subscribers. The carriers Legere refers to as being Dumb and Dumber, a reference to the cult classic 1991 film of the same name, is of course AT&T and Verizon.

Legere recently posted his predictions for the US telecommunications industry in 2018 on the T-Mobile blog. In his piece, he rebukes AT&T and Verizon’s push to initially rollout fixed 5G wireless instead of mobile and touted T-Mobile’s low-band spectrum as capable of deploying 5G across the country.

“While Dumb and Dumber focus on 5G hotspots that won’t work when you leave your home, we will be the only ones on the fast-track toward a real, mobile nationwide 5G network in 2020 – and have already started deploying 5G ready equipment,” Legere wrote. “This is such a BFD – we’re leapfrogging the Duopoly like they’re standing still.”

This is what Legere had to say regarding his 2017 predictions:

Verizon and Comcast would get so desperate they’d consider merging. Nailed it!

My Slow Cooker Sunday would have 1M viewers, more viewers than a lot of cable TV channels. CRUSHED this one. Over 2 million viewers now!

We’d hit gigabit LTE speeds on the network, while Dumb and Dumber continued to blab about #Fake5G Done, thanks to Neville and team!

The majority of TV viewing would be on mobile – that is happening! Millennials are leading the way – they now watch more TV and other media on their mobile devices!

I said that the wireless CEOs would shakeup, and not only did former AT&T Mobility president & CEO step down, but his exit was part of a massive front-office restructuring, called one of the largest at the company since ‘Ma Bell’ was broken apart 33 years ago!

Ericsson has said it will partner with T-Mobile on the operator’s 5G deployments.

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