Huawei to help make operators 5G-ready at Mobile World Congress

Huawei has taken the step of putting a briefing together on what it will be doing at Mobile World Congress next week. The Chinese operator said it will release an entire range of scenario-based Massive MIMO AAU (MM AAU) 5G ready products to prepare operators beforehand for 5G based on 4G networks.

The MM AAUs to be released at the MWC 2018 include the dual-band MM AAU and MM AAU EasyBlink. Featuring the finest engineering performance, dual-band MM AAU realizes the co-deployment of frequency bands including the C-band and others. Designed particularly for pole sites, the MM AAU EasyBlink is a new new-generation product from Huawei.

With the use of Wireless AI technologies, these MIMO AAUs offer remarkably improved user experience when compared with regular 4G network construction technologies. They are even better at meeting the requirements of prospective mobile-based Internet services.

Zhou Yuefeng, chief marketing officer of Huawei Wireless Network, commented: “Massive MIMO is one of the important air interface technologies of 5G and is the core technology to differentiate 4G and 5G networks. The rational planning and deployment of MM AAUs are crucial. The full series of MM AAU products apply to diversified 5G deployment scenarios. They will make operators ready for 5G in advance based on 4G networks. Through simplified O&M using Wireless AI technologies, these AAUs provide several times better user experience compared with common 4G network construction technologies, and better meet the requirements of future mobile Internet services.”

The product release information was shared by Huawei at the pre-MWC briefing held in London.  The Mobile World Congress 2018 will be held in Barcelona from February 26 to March 1.

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