NBN is on the rise (in terms of complaints)

Complaints surrounding the National Broadband Network (NBN) are rocketing as consumers face ongoing issues.

Australia’s NBN rollout has been fraught with problems from the beginning. ISPs point the blame at the NBN operators, while NBN operators point the blame at ISPs. Through all the finger-pointing, consumers are suffering.

New connections are often facing delays while existing connections are being deemed “fully unusable” by some customers.

In the report from the telecommunications ombudsman released today, concerns about internet services dominated in 2016-17. Complaints about the NBN grew 159.3 percent.

What’s particularly damning is that, up until 2016, complaints regarding telecommunications had been declining steadily for the prior five years.

“We are very concerned about the significant, across the board, increase in complaints for landline, mobile and internet services,” the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network’s deputy chief executive, Narelle Clark, said.

“This reverses the previous downward trend in complaint levels. We are therefore calling on all providers to lift their game and act to immediately improve customer service and the consumer experience.”

27,195 complaints were received about National Broadband Network services, up from 10,487 the year before. The ombudsman does highlight the network’s growth as being part of the reason for this drastic increase. 16,221 of the complaints were due to faults, while 11,224 were attributed to connection delays.

These figures equate to approximately 8.7 delay complaints, and 6.7 fault complaints, per an NBN-supplied premises. A large part of the reason for the complaints is said to be ISPs rushing to subscribe customers and over-promising when they will be connected, and what speeds they will receive.

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