Three entices consumers to ditch slow ADSL connections for 4G broadband

Hutchison-owned mobile operator Three is hoping to entice UK consumers stuck on slow ADSL connections to make the switch to 4G mobile broadband.

4G speeds are often faster than old connections using home telephone lines which some consumers are still forced to use. Some of these locations are now covered by a 4G signal, and Three is hoping to attract business from these underserved communities with a new plan.

Larger households may find the limit too restrictive.

The company’s new HomeFi 4G broadband service costs £24 per month with a 40GB data limit, and customers can choose between single and 12-month contracts. If a consumer opts for the rolling one-month contract, they will have to cough up an initial £60 fee to cover the cost of the router.

Before committing to a contract, it’s worth checking you will receive adequate 4G service in your area. A coverage map will help to provide some indication, but each building will have different factors which can affect signal so it’s worth testing a friend or family’s 4G device in your home first, if possible.

It’s also worth considering how the broadband will be used. 40GB should be enough for smaller households and general browsing with a few streaming TV shows here and there, but larger households may find the limit too restrictive.

If anyone in the household intends to play video games online, the increased latency from a 4G broadband connection may also be a dealbreaker.

For everyone else, if you’re interested you can find more information here.

Would you ditch ADSL for 4G broadband? Let us know in the comments.

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