Australian telcos getting better at minimising bill shock, new report reveals

Users in Australia are becoming more satisfied with their telecom providers in terms of ease of understanding bills, information provided on products and minimising unexpectedly high bills, according to a study from the Communications Alliance.

The quarterly national survey, conducted by Roy Morgan Research, found the percentage of customers who received an unexpectedly high bill has consistently decreased in each wave of the survey, down from 34% in the first wave conducted in 2013 to 26% in the most recent quarter.

The fourteenth in an ongoing quarterly series was designed to measure the overall experience of Australian telco customers. It showed steadiness in overall satisfaction of customers despite of complications due to NBN network roll out, with 66% of customers reporting they are satisfied or very satisfied about the service they receive, remaining the same from the previous survey, and compared to 65% in the first poll conducted in 2013.

The study shows 86% of the surveyed were satisfied/neutral, which is an increase from 84% in the previous quarter and 82% in the quarter before that. Moreover, customers who said that they were very satisfied with information on telecommunications products increased significantly from 23% to 31%, with overall 88% of customers reporting there were satisfied/neutral compared to 86% in the previous quarter.

The survey further revealed that 61% of customers who made some form of complaint to their telecommunications provider in the last six months, reported that they were satisfied/neutral with how their complaint was handled. This is in comparison to 66% satisfied/neutral in the previous survey.

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