Wi-Fi Alliance launches certification program for smart home developments

Wi-Fi Alliance has launched a certification program, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design, which sets the guidelines to enable home builders provide an industry-approved network-installation plan.

The enterprise design practices enlisted in this program enable homes to have a consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire home and outdoor spaces like garages and patios. It also provides seamless integration with many smart-home devices such as Wi-Fi voice-activated wireless speakers, security cameras, door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, and appliances.

Wi-Fi Home Design was created keeping in mind the foresight that the future of connected homes requires and has taken into account contributions from companies spanning Wi-Fi infrastructure, mobile device, consumer electronics, smart home, and home building industries who extended their participation in Wi-Fi Alliance.

Lennar, one of the largest US homebuilders, is the first to offer new homes featuring Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design and wireless entertainment powered by top consumer brands.

David J. Kaiserman, president of Lennar Ventures, said: "Wi-Fi Home Design sets an unmatched standard for residential Wi-Fi networks that assures homebuyers their new home will allow them to enjoy a truly connected lifestyle - with smart devices that enhance security and comfort, streaming entertainment or whatever the future holds."

Josh Redmore, lead architect for wireless at CableLabs, is expecting to bring enterprise-class, standardised Wi-Fi performance throughout the home for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design homeowners.

Leviton Manufacturing, manufacturer of state-of-the-art lighting controls, has extended its support towards the Wi-Fi Alliance certification program, while Miao Wang, standard and patent director at Haier, expressed the need of such a program to provide homeowners with exceptional user experience of a smart home setting a standard to benefit the entire industry. 

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