Ericsson boosts connectivity for the first car brand launched in the digital age

Ericsson has signed a partnership with car brand newcomer Lynk & Co to boost their vehicles’ connectivity even further.

Lynk & Co is the first car brand to have launched completely in the digital age and brings with it all the connected car technology you would expect. The brand’s owner, Geely, also owns the Volvo brand so potential buyers can have some confidence the company at least has some experience with building automobiles.

"Our cars are built on a number of technology fundamentals and Ericsson is our obvious partner of choice in the development of our digital car. The digital key solution was born out of an innovative co-creation exercise and through cloud technology we are able to offer a complete new service and functionality for our customers," said Alain Visser, Chairman, Lynk & Co.

Beyond a range of smart infotainment options, one of the most potentially game-changing propositions of Lynk & Co is their flexible payment model that can either be paid outright to own the vehicle, access on a subscription basis, or even share the vehicle with others.

The sharing model is one area where Ericsson is lending their help. By combining Ericsson’s connected vehicle cloud service with Lynk & Co’s car sharing platform; users can access the car after being issued with a secure digital key. Considering most vehicles are left unused for 90 percent of the time on average; this helps to increase parked cars wasting spaces and helps people to get around easier.

Ericsson's digital key and Lynk & Co's car sharing platform provides access to a Lynk & Co car through a smartphone enabling a car's owner to remotely grant access to their car. Via the Lynk & Co app, car owners can control, monitor and share their vehicle from their smartphone - or directly from the car.

"In combining our unique expertise in IoT and cloud with Lynk & Co's deep market understanding we have been able to jointly develop the secure and reliable platform they require to deliver on their brand promise. Our partnership also has positive impact on our core business by driving traffic in the networks we provide," added Charlotta Sund, Head of IoT at Ericsson.

The central infotainment system – displayed on a large screen – is another place where Ericsson’s technology is helping to power the experience.

Do you think Lynk & Co’s connected cars are showing promise? Let us know in the comments.

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