TalkTalk boosted capacity in anticipation of 'The Grand Tour'

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Top Gear was a global sensation for the BBC before its presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked. Amazon seized the opportunity to sign Clarkson and co-hosts for an exclusive series called 'The Grand Tour' after hearing the public outcry for the original cast's return. 

UK ISP TalkTalk was aware of the show's demand and took pre-emptive measures to ensure their network could handle the increased bandwidth. Not only is the show popular, but it's also being streamed to consumers in 4K Ultra HD resolution, which increases the demand on the network.

Growing consumption of internet content will continue to drive the need for increased capacity.

Specifically for The Grand Tour, TalkTalk added 100 Gbps worth of capacity to its network. This added capacity is part of an overall capacity investment from TalkTalk of 200 Gbps to support all of Amazon's increasing library of hit content. 

“The growing trend to stream shows, and watch whenever you want, is only going to become even more popular for our customers in the future. That’s why we need to make sure our network stays ahead of the game. In total, we’ve added an extra 200GBps of capacity specifically for Amazon video content including the Grand Tour," says Gary Steen, TalkTalk’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Growing consumption of internet content will continue to drive the need for increased capacity. There's a generation of 'cord cutters' ditching traditional cable and broadcast TV in favour of services like Amazon Video, Netflix, Now TV, and more. Online video in general now accounts for around 60 – 70 percent of internet traffic. 

TalkTalk's network has the capability to support 2 – 3 Tbps of traffic, so 100 Gbps extra capacity for a single new show is unusual but could become more commonplace in the coming years. Such investments will have a knock-on effect to consumers, who pay increasing costs each year to help cover infrastructure upgrade costs. 

Amazon recommends a minimum of 3.5 Mbps speed for High Definition streams, while 4K content (to supported TVs) will require around 25 Mbps. The first episode of The Grand Tour is now available with further episodes released on Friday each week. 

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